Prom saved for sick NC student thanks to social media

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 Classmates of a North Carolina student rallied behind him so he can go to the Louisburg High School prom, and it worked.

WTVD-TV reported that it all started after kidney failure forced Benaiah Massey to stay home to get an education. School officials originally said he couldn't attend the prom because he couldn't attend classes.

Massey's aunt started a petition to change that, and it received more than 700 signatures. She said until Massey was a straight "A" student before getting sick.

Thursday morning, the school's decision was overturned.

Massey told WTVD that he's appreciative to everyone who signed their names on the petition.

Many people we spoke to are happy that helped the petition, but they are also angry about the situation.

"No child deserves not go to their senior prom because he didn't know he was going to have that," said Louisburg High School student Britany Holden, according to WTVD.

The school district released a statement which said, "Franklin County Schools cannot discuss student matters. The situation referenced has been resolved at this time."

The prom is this Saturday. Massey said he's excited, and he has a lot to do in very little time.


  • Wicked Games

    I’m glad he get’s to go. I mean it was a medical issue that came up so the school shouldn’t have given him a hard time, it’s not like he dropped out just to be lazy!

  • Toni

    He didn’t drop out. He’s sick, the school is sending a home-bound teacher to his house. I suppose the school is afraid kidney failure is contagious. For the love of pete.

  • Mark Stabler

    Same old story, the school system hides behind the privacy of the student. Well the truth is the people that are in charge of many of our school systems have absolutely no common sense or judgement. How we expect them to educate our children is wonder to me.

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