NC high school apologizes for kicking senior out of prom for wearing pants

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CHERRYVILLE, N.C. — Two weeks after a Cherryville High School senior was kicked out of prom for wearing red pants, the school’s principal is apologizing.

According to WBTV, the principal recently called a meeting to apologize and to refund the money of the prom ticked.

Shafer Rupard was kicked out of her own prom for showing up at the Cherryville Golf & Country Club wearing pants.

“The teacher tapped me on the shoulder and said she had a problem with what I was wearing,” Rupard told WBTV. “I thought it was because of the hat or the leather jacket and I was like well I’ll take those off and she was like ‘No, it’s the pants.”

Rupard said the apology “means a lot” but would haven meant more if they had let her stay at prom.

“That’s my senior prom. I can’t get that back.”

Rupard says she still hasn’t received an apology from the teacher who kicked her out of prom.

After looking at the school code of conduct and the prom invitation, Rupard’s mother said she could not find a dress code for the prom.

Source: WBTV


  • AR15

    You wanted to make a statement wearing grundge clothes and mission accomplished. Girls should be all excited and want to look like a million bucks for the prom – unfortunately this person wanted to look like a fool and get attention and she did just that. Show your rainbow pride in a different way next time and maybe wear a rainbow dress, not look like a dweiber fan with a dunce cap!

    • ThePear

      Yeah, how dare her be herself. Doesn’t she know that this is the United States of America? We’re the land of the free. And I’ll be darned if we don’t use that freedom to demand that teenage girls assimilate into preconceived roles of dress and behavior, which are both arbitrary and baseless society-based ideals.

    • Jameson

      Dude your an idiot, some girls don’t feel comfortable in dresses, It was her prom and her decision on how to dress for it, It’s people like you that judge other people the the world could do without, Rather she was making a statement or whatever, it’s her life, this is America, remember

  • sara

    Judge much? Let her wear what she wants as long as it covers what it needs to. It’s her prom and her life. This is America people, let’s pick our battles wisely.

  • AR15

    Yes, her prom, but lets get something straight…Its a prom…Obviously a place where kids dress up and girls wear dresses and look their best and the guys are in tuxedos…common sense would tell you dress appropriately, not come looking like a fool. Like I said, she wanted to make a statement and get attention and she did just that. However, statement was not needed…either dress approriately or dont go at all. What else did she really think was going to happen when she showed up looking like a clown when everbody else is dressed to the best!

    • stinger90

      So your saying she couldn’t wear tuxedo either? Just saying

      I do agree about her looking like a clown even through there’s no dress code to speak of.

    • ThePear

      What did she think would happen when she showed up dressed how she wanted to dress? Probably that no one would care because its a room full of high schoolers dancing to pop music.

      This “people should be forced into assimilation” nonsense has to stop.

    • sara

      Looks like you’re out numbered here. I’m assuming you’re what, 90? Living in the 50’s still I see.

  • Erik Vinson

    Geez she looks stupid with that hat on like that. That might be OK for hanging at a justin Dweeber concert but try looking like a first class gal for once, please. You might find it to gain you more respect!!

  • SheShe

    Calling this girl a fool is ignorance
    At its best. There is no rule or code that says girls have to wear dresses to the prom
    .If she was comfortable and not hurting anyone there should not have been a problem.

  • James Cannon

    My prom was in 1976. This was still close enough to hippie days that a dress code was not enforced. We did have have some kids who came in in looking kinda weird. But people THIS WAS OUR PROM! Those of you who are critical of the girl with red pants should lighten up. THIS WAS HER PROM NOT YOURS!

  • 2Cents

    The TImes…they are a ‘changing, people. No, this ype of ‘attire’ was not seen at my prom. However, a quick look on anybodies FB account recenlty and you will be amazed at what passes for ‘prom-wear’. I’ve seen everything from blue jeans, to brightly colored high top tennis shoes, to white leather vests, bermuda shorts, flip flops and sooooo much more. Kids express themselves how ever they choose. So did this girl. The premise of “Prom” isn’t what it used to be in the early 90’s!

    The girl had the right to wear whatever she wanted so long as she wasnt in direct conflict with a dress-code. And she wasn’t.

  • Hezekiah

    Go to the prom fully dressed. And get kicked out? Go half naked and your allowed to stay? Whats wrong with the world now days I think the teacher should be fired

  • Christina

    This child had every right to dress as she felt comfortable. It’s her day to remember not ours. People wonder what is wrong with children today we’ll here’s a prime example. She’s being judged by grown adults and for what? For being a child? For wearing pants? People in today’s age n time don’t stop and think how words cause so much pain not only to other adults but most importantly to children. Let her live her childhood and enjoy it before she has to grow up and work n have huge responsibilities. I feel sorry for the adults who have nothing better to do then to sit and judge a child.

    • sara

      Amen sister!! A lot of kids now a days would rather commit sucide than be who they really are because they are afraid of being judge and chastised. We need to stop the judging and hating!! Enough is enough!!

  • Monica Rega

    Wow, That’s ridiculous. I’m glad she got an apology from someone. Maybe a tap on the shoulder to that teacher and told to leave bc you don’t approve of her attire. She can’t get those memories lost back. maybe there should be a meeting for teachers and students outlining what they can’t get kicked out for and what they can. Good lord. For those that says she’s an idiot and lookin’ like a fool. that’s her choice of attire. Get over it. Yes its a prom but where does it state that you HAVE to wear a fancy dress? if she’s more comfortable in what she chose then so be it. Its better than going looking like a Pornstar.

  • Allyson

    Atleast she was covered I’m sure that’s more than a lot of the other girls can say! I’d rather my child express herself like that than go out with half a dress like a lot of parents allow ;) let her be herself!

  • Sue Hunter

    she was more decent than most girls dress today, and if there was no dress code then who has the right to say anything about what she wore.

  • Ryan DeCoster

    This girl should do whatever she well pleases, who on the Earth gave yo the right to judge someone else? This is why the world is going to waste, society cant keep up and adapt to it’s and idiots are filling it up that can’t accept what others want to do with their lives.

  • Whitney

    Interesting how they kicked her out but I’m sure they let girls that were more than half naked stay there. Worried how she was dressed and not how students were probably dancing. Just sad!! Means nothing coming from someone who didn’t kick her out

  • It's 2014, live like it

    I was going to resize some butt holes here, but looks like some others are doing a fine job of putting you homophobic, hypocrites in your places. Carry on…

  • teacher

    I’d like to point out that there may be more to the story than we’re being told. Media outlets post stories like this because they want people to have strong reactions. I am a high school teacher, and I can honestly say that there are lots of times when parents take stories to the media and those “news” stations intentionally sensationalize the story without getting all of the facts. Yes, it’s possible that this girl was unfairly kicked out because of her pants, BUT there’s also an enormous possibility that there’s much more to the story than what’s being told. Trust me, high school principals face a lot of pressure to be careful how their schools are perceived by parents and the community. I seriously doubt that she was kicked out merely because of her pants. It could be that when her outfit was mentioned that she became belligerent, maybe even violent, or maybe she had been on the dance floor behaving in a vulgar way. Or she could be completely innocent. All I’m saying is that people need to learn to be smart media consumers and to realize that you can’t believe everything you see on tv (or read on the internet) because news outlets intentionally spin stories for the sake of public reactions and ratings.

  • Amy Harris

    If she didn’t want to wear a dress for whatever reason then she should have dressed like the boys in a tuxe. This country has forgotten class. A prom is supposed to be a dressed affair, and it is something that people should just know. There should not have to be a dress code put on the invitation because it is your PROM, Not some party someone is throwing, a prom, that high schools have been having for years. If a guy would have showed up in grunge pants and tshirt then I hope they were thrown out tool. Now if it is just because she is a girl, and boys were not thrown out, that is wrong.

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