Friends of distracted driver killed on Business 85 last week speak out

HIGH POINT, N.C. — Friends of a High Point woman killed in a distracted driving crash have a message for everyone.

“Whether it’s you’re eating your breakfast and drinking your coffee or [have] gone through Bojangles and got your Bo-Berry Biscuit, it doesn’t matter. Anything that takes your eyes and hands off the wheel and the road is a distraction and it’s not worth it,” says Laura Fuqua, one of Courtney Sanford’s best friends.

Sanford was killed last week when she crossed the median on Business 85 and hit a truck head on.

The wreck is being investigated as a distracted driving crash. High Point Police say they were able to trace Sanford’s Facebook posts back to around the time of the crash.

Fuqua and Liza Palazzi are two of Sanford’s best friends. They say she was on her way to a new job as a respiratory therapist and was excited. It was just her third day.

“Life is precious and you’re here one minute and gone the next,” said Fuqua.

Palazzi and Fuqua want people to understand distracted driving is deadly and needs to stop.

Palazzi teaches middle school and she made sure her students got the message.

“I told [my students], ‘This is real life. This happens whether you think it will or not, it happens. It happened to your teacher’s best friend,'” said Palazzi.

The two girls were sorority sisters with Sanford. They say she was faithful, caring and will be missed.

“I have no doubt of where she is. No doubt,” said Fuqua.


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