Brothers injured by razors hidden in grass at children’s playground

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SAN DIEGO (KSWB) — Around a dozen razors were discovered at a children’s playground near Mission Bay after two brothers slashed their feet Wednesday, police said.

San Diego police received a call from a parent around 7 p.m. stating that her sons, ages 7 and 15, were cut by razors at Bonita Cove in Mission Bay Drive. One boy suffered minor injures that required stitches.

“Paramedics were able to pull the razor blade out [of the 7-year-old boy’s foot],” SDPD Lt. Paul Phillips said.

Investigators using metal detectors found 13 razor blades “planted” in the children’s play area as of 10 p.m., the lieutenant said.

This is not the first time razor blades were scattered around the park. Last September, there were two separate incidents when sharp blades were found.

Police planned on searching the playground throughout the evening to ensure the park was clear of blades.

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  • Chucky

    There are some sick people in this world. I hope they find the person or persons responsible. It wasn’t that long ago that some other children were hurt by razor blades there were glued to play ground equipment was it?

  • AR15

    This is just sickening news…the nerve of some people to purposely harm a child is disgusting. I hope they find whoever did this quickly before they start doing this type of idiotic activity more.

  • megs

    This sick freak needs to be found and cut exactly where the poor kids were cut. Then thrown in jail!! And I agree that cameras should be put up where there are playgrounds. Sad that this world has come to that but if that’s the only way to keep our kids safe then that’s what needs to be done.

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