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Aunt says 8-year-old Va. boy killed while trying to protect his sister from rapist

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RICHMOND, Va. — An 8-year-old boy was beaten to death trying to save his 12-year-old sister from a man who attempted to rape her, WTVR is reporting.

Warrants have been obtained for a Richmond teenager in the death of the boy. The teenager has been located and is being “medically evaluated,” according to WTVR. 

The children were playing along some railroads tracks in Richmond on Thursday afternoon. The aunt of the children told WTVR that they came across a man who attempted to rape the little girl.

The girl’s brother attempted to intervene, the aunt said. The girl was also assaulted and has been taken to a local hospital.



    • Mendy jester

      Do not make this about race! This is about a brave little boy dying trying to protect someone from a monster! How dare you? Find something better to do with your life than trying to bait a race war.

      • FaithC

        Mendy – I don’t think so, because I did not post anything. That wuld be my stalker he posts under Jethro, Jethro Bodink, The J*erk, Jesus, Cherioes, and the list goes on.

  • Cuppy Wass

    what the hell where they doing playing near railrode tracks in the first place. and as for the lil boy the world has lost a true protector

    • Lonnie Workman

      I grew up by the railroad tracks and that is where we played… in our YARD by the railroad tracks… not ON the railroad tracks. Not everyone has a townhouse apartment!

    • Melissa

      You’re right, God for bid kids are to be kids. It’s the parents fault and the kids for leaving their front porch.

      If we had harsher punishments for these crimes it would stop. Here’s a third-world thought that would work. Institute castrasion for this type of scum and I promise you the number of violent attacks like this would drop to nearly zero! I’m so sick of our not-justice-system!

      The heavens gained an angel in this heroic little man who gave his life for his sister!

    • Valinda

      The RVA where white and black rich and poor are still divided by north south east and west. Adults and children, still use the train tracks for recreation. It is not uncommon. The James river runs almost parallel to the tracks. But, as far as south side goes nothing is safe ever. Children as young as 4 and up have mostly a thug mentality. And they have to these streets are rough. I wish there was a way that no child had to suffer such an assault. My neighborhood and child’s school are all on lock down. I cried when my 7 year old told me about the little boy. I can only hope they can stain some closer. This is tragic.

  • Crystal Basinger

    Who lets children their age play in a open area like that with no ADULT supervision? Why wouldnt there an adult there watching over them? My heart aches for their parents and prayers sent out.

  • Royal Arseino II

    SOME bleeding heart nut is just waiting to tell US how it is wrong to put this POS to death. He will be found and he will be put down, thats all you can do with a sick animal. And to the poster that is blaming the parents, shame on you for attacking these folks, a 9 or 11 are old enough to play outside, smh.

  • DavidandKathy Lewis II

    So very sad for that poor boy, his sister and their family. I wish our world was safe enough that children can play unsupervised, but it’s not. And that point is made every time I watch the news :*(

  • vicki

    so sad a young kid had too endure such a thing like that… and so sad the brother had too die in the hands of such a coward…he didnt get away with anything God knows who he is, its just a matter of time till he gets caught up in the devils web and he then will be caught and judgment will come his way.praying for the family of the 2 kids.

  • patricia

    Discussing parasite I hope they get that man off the streets, so he don’t this to anyone else, I don’t have kids, so I can’t imagine what these parent(s) have to go through praying for them.

  • Elaine Dean Smith

    Prayers for this family and I hope they find this man and he should be hung on the square of Richmond.. Public hanging should be done and let these people see that if they do evil this is what happens…

  • Cindy

    I think there should be a posse looking for that scum….hundreds of people scanning the area and I am sure it wouldn’t take long to find that murderer!

  • Honorthehero

    I’m not sure how anyone else feels, but I’t would be cool to see this child’s death be honored by our country in some way.

    I’m not sure what type of medal/burial ceremony would be appropriate, IMO he definately should be recognized for giving his life to save another’s.

    Maybe a scholarship fund as well?

    I don’t know, just seems like the right thing to do.

    Either way, R.I.P. little hero. Prayers for the family during this time of crisis. May family and friends find strength together to move forward.

    1 more thing… for the guy responsible; As certain as I’m typing this now am I that you’ll eventually be caught, if not already. When you are… I hope you resist arrest.

  • B

    Beware of scum bags because they are closer than you think. If you have young children then the scum bags are even closer and are watching for an opportunity.

  • RF

    If you look up Brandon Road in Mapquest, you can see a number of homes with yards abutting the train tracks. These children were in their yard together. They were not wandering. How awful for these children to experience this in their own yard (or anywhere for that matter). What an awesome young boy he was and what a tragic loss. My condolences to his family. The death penalty is the right punishment for this horrible double crime.

  • C-lo

    So were the ages 9 and 11, or 8 and 12? I don’t even know why I asked. Just curious as to which story was right! It doesn’t matter; that was such a courageous little boy, and it breaks my heart to hear what happened. The jerk needs to be put away for a long, long time. Just makes me sick that people can do things to others like that. I’d never dream of physically harming an animal, much less a fellow human being. How someone could do that is beyond me.

  • Jennifer Nichols

    All we need to be saying to our selves is WHAT A HERO!! Another Angel gone home! Pray for the little girl she has lost her little brother and her Hero!! She has a long road ahead send the Angels down and surround her with Love!!

  • Helen

    It used to be you could let your kids play outside at that age without supervision. But it is getting ridiculous how the world is getting out of hand with not having control of their kids. These kids that are rapping, shooting and stabings. They get a lot of the ideas from tv, movies, videos. The eight year boy will be a hero to all of us. I just hope that my kids will always be there for each other too no matter what the case may be.

  • kendrax

    Rip to the little confused bout the aunt..if she knew that was happrning than why didnt the aunt help out.. read the headline.. aunt knows. to much.if boy died n sister in destressed from wat happened to her than how the aunt know what all happened.. just to the bby who stood up to the lil man may god b wit u.. n bless the lil girl who had to see n go thru that.. n prayers to family..

  • Sahara Walker

    Praying for her..I almost lost my son an still fighting to keep him here to being shot just at a store minding our business he is also 8 when the crimes an violence spill over unto our children its time to make a change 😓

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