Two arrested in fatal shooting of A&T football player

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Kendrick Louis Robinson and Lemiah Wyatt Sanders, Jr. (left to right)

Kendrick Louis Robinson and Lemiah Wyatt Sanders, Jr. (left to right)

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Two Greensboro men have been arrested and charged in connection with the fatal shooting of a North Carolina A&T football player, police confirmed in a news release on Thursday.

Jermane Clark, a student and football player at A&T, was shot and killed outside of his off-campus apartment on Stedman Street Tuesday night.

The shooting happened around 11 p.m. on April 29 at the 400 block of Stedman Street.

Greensboro Police say the incident happened when a transaction over a quarter pound of marijuana turned into a robbery. Clark appears to have been selling the marijuana, according to police.

Police found Clark, 22, suffering from a gunshot wound. Emergency Medical Services personnel performed advanced first aid on Clark, however, he was pronounced deceased at Moses Cone Hospital.

Kendrick Louis Robinson, 22, of 619 Sharing Terrace, Greensboro, was arrested at his home around 6:30 a.m. Thursday.

Lemiah Wyatt Sanders, Jr., 20, of Winston-Salem, was arrested at a home at 905 Benjamin Benson Street, Greensboro, around 7 a.m. Thursday.

Police said Robinson and Sanders are both charged with first degree murder and robbery with a dangerous weapon.

Both men were taken into custody without incident.

Investigators say they are not looking for more suspects.

Lemiah Wyatt Sanders was charged in connection with the 2011 murder of a security officer at Greensboro College. The charges were eventually dismissed by the D.A. due to lack of evidence, according to the Assistant D.A.


Jermane Clark

Before he became an Aggie, Clark played football for R.J. Reynolds High School in Winston-Salem.

He spent two seasons at R.J. Reynolds and by his junior season, recorded 110 tackles and was named first-team All-Central Piedmont 4A as a defensive lineman.

Clark graduated from Reynolds High School in 2010.

Clark was a highly recruited prospect out of Oak Ridge Military Academy, where he led the football team to a 10-0 record in 2010 by playing running back, safety and outside linebacker.

He originally signed with University of Colorado before transferring to A&T in 2013.


  • Sandy

    It’s NOT about RACE! People, stop it! This was a human being. A college student. Killed by two young males. There are BAD people who do BAD things! Stop creating and promoting racism!!! Prayers to the family and friends of the deceased. Another young life taken too soon. Senseless.

  • Chucky

    Neither one of these two guys should have been on the streets. Robinson was convicted of conspiracy to commit robbery in September of last year. Sanders has had plenty of felony charges himself including 1st degree murder and burglary in 2012. He currently has a felony assault on a government official charge pending from last year in Greensboro.

    • Chucky

      I’m really not sure why this comment would be “awaiting moderation” when it is only stating facts… well other than my opinion that they shouldn’t be on the streets. The other information can be verified through public records.

  • Linda Smith

    A young man has lost his life due to a violent crime….We should be posting prayers for his family who are going through something thats too horrible for words right now. so instead of posting your comment about racism…post a comment supporting his family and loved ones…thats what they need right now…not you trying to make this a race thing!!!

    • Thomas Christopher

      Oh, and we should spout secular humanist BS instead? A lot of good that has done our nation since the secularist assault against freedom of religion began in the 1960s-just look at the rampant crime, filth, and decay that that has overwhelmed our culture since Christianity has been forced into second-class religious status in the last half century. Call it BS all you want, but I’ll adhere to a higher power any day that preaches “love thy neighbor”, clean moral living, and high standards of citizenship than a hopeless movement that promotes “man is without purpose, if it feels good-do it, or ignore personal responsibility and the consequences of your actions and blame everyone else.”

  • Raymond Wilson

    When you sell drugs (if that is true),people try to rob you. Often,someone gets hurt or killed. It’s a dangerous occupation. So sorry for the young man’s family,but that’s a part of the lesson to be learned.

  • B

    The bad thing is if he had stayed at Colorado he would not have been in this situation since marijuana is legal. He was probably selling drugs because he was a hungry athlete. Just another reason to pay student athletes.

    • Mark

      Absolutely! If people could buy it at a state licensed store this wouldn’t
      be happening. You don’t see people dying over alcohol and tobacco even though they are way more dangerous drugs.

    • Chucky1992

      Actually, while I don’t support making it legal, it would cause the price to go down. It would be less difficult to get or grow therefore making more available. An increase in supply would cause a reduction in price. It’s simple economics.

  • Jen Trification

    “Thug” is just a word some people say when they really want to say the N word. You don’t help anything by bringing your stupid small mindedness to this discussion. Families and communities are being torn apart by this system that lets drugs flood communities, and allows a dog-eat-dog, drug-based system of petty capitalism to flourish, as people kill each other over the profits (like the real capitalists do all over the world for oil and resources), then get locked up for years and years if they have a certain complexion…all this has got to stop. If all you can say in the face of all that is “thugs will be thugs,” you need to just shut up while the rest of us commit to stopping this insanity.

    • This Girl Bites Back...

      I beg to differ….my family and I encountered two thugs in Thomasville a few weeks ago and I can assure you they were just that, thugs. Too bad for one of them I was forced into a position to protect my family and things got physical.

      My point is, thug is not a racial term like the “N” word. Don’t be so quick to judge.

      For the rest of you who want to blame the area, drugs, minorities, you better know the only blame here is stupidity. Two idiots killed a young man over something so trivial and stupid! My heart goes out to this young man’s family, for their loss will forever haunt them. What a shame….

  • E

    Way to go you bunch of idiots! You’ve ruined at LEAST three lives … not to mention the family and friends that are impacted. You’ll sit the next 70 years in prison for what — a quarter pound of weed????

  • Tenacious EJ

    Mr. Saunders there is a piece of work. Already implicated in one murder, now a second. A criminal buying drugs and committing murder, then running back home to 905 Benjamin Benson, which, for those unaware, is owned by Greensboro’s Housing Authority. That’s right, friends. He’s been living in a home you’re paying for, no doubt re-selling those drugs to other people living in GHA. Shameful.

  • Haley Morrea

    I don’t understand why you people keep calling them thugs, honestly if you don’t know the real story behind it than you’ll never understand. Also he was doing something illegal whether it was to put extra money in his pocket, eat, or whatever he wasn’t a Saint so stop making it seem like Kendrick and Lemiah are just “Thugs” because all good things come to a end….

  • SuspectsLookLIKEHonestCitizens

    Where is AL Sharpton? Where is Chris Paul and Jesse Jackson holding hands to protest? Oh that’s right there isn’t enough publicity or money to be made for them. Sorry to hear about the loss of a young life.

  • Haley Morrea

    Sellin drugs komes with the possibility of being robbed ….. So if he wasn’t about that life he shouldn’t have been sellin…… If u do wrong 9 times outta 10 wrong komes back….. And in this case if he wasn’t sellin drugs he would still be here

      • Enough said

        They forgot the word “case.” This person obviously has a history of gang affiliation because only a “blood” would put a “k” for any C words. I’m not a gang member but I grew up with it all around me.

  • T

    I just want to say no matter what the situation is this entire situation has impacted alot of individuals. Overall, the individuals making bad decisions has led to this situation. I feel that we regardless we should pray for him and his family. No one looks for terrible things to happen in there life and when post mean things; think about it ..What if it was you

  • bobsbob

    He was selling pot which made him a drug dealer, plain and simple. Sometimes bad things happen to you when you’re a drug dealer.

  • truth

    What is Jesse Jackson (alumni) going to say about this violence? Nothing. He’s too busy soaking up the limelight from the Sterling – LA Clipper issue.

  • Triggahappy

    U racist motherfuckers need too hang yall fuckin selves,always got some dimb shit too say…grow the hell up dumbasses!!

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