Crime a concern for off-campus students near NC A&T

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Following the tragic shooting death of an N.C. A&T student and football player, students are speaking out about crime in the area around the university. 

LaTosha Andrews has learned about the crime levels the hard way by living near North Carolina A&T State University.

“I always hear gun shots and that’s just ridiculous,” said Andrews, a senior at N.C. A&T. “I mean even my neighbors — I just look outside and they’re just shooting. That’s not a place I would ever recommend moving to.”

Andrews lives in the 400 block of Stedmen Street just east of campus. She was walking back from campus when she saw the police investigation into the shooting death of Darnell Clark come to her front door Tuesday night.

“I wondered, ‘Did anything happen near my house?’ Well, it didn’t but this strip right here there’s just too much activity going on,” said Andrews.

FOX8 checked the crime statistics for the one mile radius surrounding Andrews’ home. In the last six months, 535 crimes were reported. Those crimes were mostly drug crimes and break-ins. We also counted more than 10 assaults.

Andrews and her boyfriend, Desmond Evans, believe the school should do more to help reduce the amount of crime they see so close to campus, even if the area is technically off campus. They suggest simply having one campus police car stationed in a nearby parking lot to act as a visual deterrent.

Evans thinks one single car could help reduce the number of fights that don’t get reported to police that also make the area feel unsafe.

“It doesn’t always make the news,” said Evans. “You don’t always hear about stories like this.”

Greensboro City Councilman Jamal Fox said he’s willing to listen to community concerns.

In a statement released by the city offering condolences to the Clark family and N.C. A&T community, Fox stated it’s important to allow those living near the campus to offer their ideas to improve safety.

“Greensboro residents have a right to be safe at home, at school and in their neighborhoods,” said Fox. “As a city, we are working hard to create environments that support the development of healthy, thriving, and productive residents and to foster a strong and engaged community.”


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