Military dad from High Point surprises daughter, son at school

1HIGH POINT, N.C. — Kevin Couture has been deployed in Saudi Arabia with the United States Coast Guard for a year.

It was all worth it on Wednesday.

Only a few hours after stepping off the plane from Saudi Arabia, Chief Petty Officer Kevin Couture showed up at Shadybrook Elementary School, where his daughter Cailyn is a fifth-grader. His 15-year-old son was also at the school as part of the High Point Central High School drumline, who was performing at the school.

Cameron thought he was performing for his sister’s 5th grade class. But his dad had other plans.

surprise“He’s going to cry and he’s going to make me cry,” Couture said about his son, Cameron, moments before the big surprise.

While Cameron and the drumline was playing, Couture walked through the door and surprised Cailyn and Cameron.

Cailyn reached him first but Cameron, who jumped off the stage when he spotted his dad, was only a few steps behind.

“I’m still shaking. It’s everything I could have asked for,” Cailyn said. “I tried to check myself to make sure it was real because I have dreamed about this a couple of times.”

“As I was walking up and saw my daughter crying and my son come down… that’s when I lost it,” Couture said.


Cailyn Courture

Kirsten Courture came up with the idea for her husband to surprise their kids.

She said it was a difficult secret to keep.

“Not easily… because my kids are a little bit nosy, so a web of lies I had to spin,” Kirsten said.

But the white lies were all worth it. Now, the family is together again.

“That was my dream and it came true, it was beautiful, beautiful,” Kirsten said.

Beautiful indeed.


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