Officials give ‘all clear’ after earlier report of man with rifle on A&T campus

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Text message alert sent to students (WGHP)

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Life returned to normal pretty quickly after a gunman scare on the campus of North Carolina A&T Monday.

Two phone calls about a man with a rifle prompted a campus lockdown around 10 a.m.

Five buildings were evacuated during the search for a gunman. Students and staff were asked leave the General Classroom building, Barnes Hall, Crosby Hall, Marteena Hall and Merrick Hall.

All other classrooms were told to remain in class through an emergency alert notification system.

Caranita Harrelson got that alert after her classroom had been evacuated.

“I immediately got nervous and scared,” said Harrelson. “I immediately went to my car and left campus.”

Police reopened campus around 12:30 p.m. after finding no sign of a gunman.

Harrelson was back for her 2 p.m. class. She said sticking around while police went from building to building made her uneasy.

“If there was a gunman on campus that would kind of be like sitting ducks, it was like creating a target,” said Harrelson.

Her classmate Austin Ogletree disagrees. He felt safe in his classroom during the police search.

“I think the school pretty much has it under control,” said Ogletree.

The sophomore signed up for emergency notifications, Aggie Alerts, after last April's gunman scare. Police were told a man was armed but it turned out that he simply had an umbrella.

Ogletree said being in class during the 2013 scare helped him feel better about the campus response Monday.

“Since we had been through this last year everyone was like, 'Is this going to be the same outcome or is this something serious?'” said Ogletree.

Both Ogletree and Harrelson said they are happy that school leaders took the threat seriously.

“What we all have to realize is that there is always the possibility that it could happen and it could be true,” said Ogletree. “It’s better to be safe than sorry.”


  • joel

    That isn’t a Muslim trait, that is an EXTREMIST trait. You’re a bigot and you make the world a worse place

    • Ree

      I am a student at A&T and before you call someone stupid you should get your facts correct. Some students were not aware of the situation that was happening because they did not receive the alerts immediately. When everyone was aware of what was going on they took proper precautions. The police did clear the campus of people walking around and the university even sent out other alerts and tweets asking for everyone to be inside a building or off campus. I have the emails if you would like to read them yourself.

  • SherryB

    The last time they went through this same thing, it was a day just like this one..Cloudy with chances of rain and it was an UMBRELLA that someone was carrying with them..Guess they need to ban umbrellas.

    • Zombiekiller

      Ban umbrellas? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve read today and I’ve read a few Fox articles so I tip my hat to you ma’am.

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    Guess maintenance was trying to change another light bulb. The government has done a good job keeping most people paranoid these days.

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