Police arrest 6 in Alamance Co. drug busts

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Top (L to R): Michael Lavar Bagley, Christopher Allen Woods and Dominique Lamar Jeffries. Bottom (L to R): Donovan Teon Jeffries, Edward Terrell Bigelow and Ervin Paul Brown.

BURLINGTON, N.C. — Police have arrested six people in connection with drug violations following the search of a Burlington duplex Friday morning.

According to police, a search warrant was executed at a duplex in the 2200 block of Morningside Drive at approximately 6:30 a.m. Friday.

The search warrants were related to an investigation into alleged drug activity at both residences in the duplex involving two brothers.

A search of one residence yielded approximately 148 grams of marijuana, one gram of cocaine, five dosage units of clonzapam, three dosage units of hydrocodone, a set of digital scales, a military style ballistic vest and $469. A search of the second residence yielded 22.5 grams of marijuana, a set of digital scales, .45 caliber semi-auto handgun and $5,347.

As a result of the search, Michael Lavar Bagley, 27, Christopher Allen Woods, 25, Dominique Lamar Jeffries, 26, Donovan Teon Jeffries, 25, Edward Terrell Bigelow, 27, all of Burlington, and Ervin Paul Brown, 24, of Haw River, were arrested.

All six suspects were charged with various drug violations. Donovan Jeffries was additionally charged with possession of a firearm by a felon.

The suspects are confined in the Alamance County Detention Center.

Two others were charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana but were not arrested.

An investigation is ongoing and mugshots have not been released.


  • Mark

    I wonder how much time and money this investigation took from law enforcement personnel that could have been better spent on crimes with actual victims.

      • Mark

        Please tell me who was harmed besides the taxpayers, who lost a lot of police money that could have been better used against crimes with actual victims. You might want to water down that drink a little bit.

    • Cy

      It’s not like they were just sitting around getting stoned.
      If the haven’t had a victim in the past few weeks, they were sure to have a victim in the future.
      Think about the crimes they probably already committed with victims that they didn’t get busted for.

      You think that gun was for protection? Most likely not.
      Oh.. Also. The money used on this is gonna be used no matter what. And I’m positive that they weren’t spending time on this istead of other crimes.

  • Ed woncik

    Wow a whole 2 ounces of weed and 10 pills and digital scales. Way to waste taxpayers money on that HUGE drug seizure!! Great job guys!

  • WeBuiltThisCountry

    We gotta stop locking up these petty drug dealer’s. Go after the big fish,tax payer’s are sick of spending tons of money to get a little drugs off the street. 1 gram of cocaine,they could’ve found that on dollar bills @ Walmart.

  • Are You Serious

    These guys were told on by someone who has something against them. Come on, 6:30 on a Friday morning…? lol. They are wrong for doing and being involved. I feel bad for them. I know 4 out of the 6 too but they have to make better choices about what they do recreationally and financially. Police are going to uphold the law and they were doing their job. I do agree that they need to investigate where the drugs are actually coming from. They (the 6 guys) are not the kingpins, they are small time who do this just to get by. We do just get the ants that trickle down the sidewalk, we actually look for the ant pile and get rid of it…same thing should happen with drug enforcement. None of them should have had a gun, but that lets you know there’s a bigger problem they are worrying about. Same people going to jail, just recycling.

    Meanwhile, the same activity happens on the other side of town and nobody does a thing! We need to investigate the people who do the investigating.

  • dontmatter

    exactly they do it just to get by which is ridiculous , called get a real job esp when the majority of them, if not all got kids. sorry but theres more to life than selling drugs to support your kid.

  • Cartier B

    Nique, Donovan, rell, mike, and junie y’all better than this man get it together it ain’t worth it bruh

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