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PHOTOS: Tornado damage in Tupelo, Mississippi

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Forecasters declared a tornado emergency for three counties around Tupelo, Mississippi, on Monday afternoon as a line of severe thunderstorms swept through the area, the National Weather Service reported.

“It’s going to be wave after wave of these storms, from what the forecasters tell us,” Mississippi Emergency Management spokesman Greg Flynn said.

Another twister was reported near Yazoo City, Mississippi, north of Jackson, but there was no immediate report of damage or injuries. Monday’s storms hit four years after an April 2010 tornado that killed four people in Yazoo City and 10 across the state, said Joey Ward, the city’s emergency management director.

MORE: Storm chaser video of Tupelo tornadoTupelo meteorologist yells for staff to take shelter on live TV during tornado



  • Dorothy Martz

    When you post a picture, please add what building it is, if it is
    N or S Gloster, etc. and the street.

  • Shay Guess

    most of what you are seeing of the tupelo pictures are North Gloster and Green street intersection..

  • Ally

    My son just had a friend leave Hamilton Elem to go to Tupelo we hope they were safe as well as everyone else in the city. Everyone there will be in our thoughts in the days to come.

  • Brandon

    There was so much more damage in and around the Tupelo, MS area! Especially the rural areas northeast of Tupelo! Many homes suffered damage!

  • Lovinglife Withmywife

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends affected by this event, we can feel the pain as we suffered along with many many more here in the Philippines from Typhoon Yolanda back in November

  • Jan

    As an Australian who has been to Tupelo, I am horrified at the damage that has been caused there. My condolences to people who have lost their loved ones and of course their houses….Can someone let me know if their was any damage done to Elvis presley’s birth place… Thinking of you all

    • Pat

      I’ve been constantly looking for areas and buildings that were hit and have not found any reports of Elvis birthplace being hit.

    • Elizabeth Catchpole

      Hi Jan, Also an Aussie who has been to Tupelo. Looking for news about Elvis’ birthplace. Think if it’d been hit, it would have made the news….

  • Lucille Patrick

    my prayers are with you. I used to live near the tri county line near, Sherman. My daughter went to Saltillo high school. I have so many people that holds a place in my heart.

  • Rick

    I hope the Birth place of Elvis and the new Theatre they built in the back is ok. This does not look the Tupelo I visited just two years ago. All the prayers and wishes for you people affected by this.

    • Ariel Clay

      The only thing rick and j yarber are worried about is the birth place of Elvis, who cares about his birthplace. There are other people that live in Tupelo who got hurt and y’all on here worried about a house. Get real and think about people other than a dead man’s house or don’t comment at all !

  • j yarber

    I was thinking about Elvis’ birth home and the chapel that was built in his memory. Prayers going up for all hurt in this storm.

  • Lori A Hobbs

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the citizens of Tupelo. Be strong and pull together with your neighbor, for it will make you and Tupelo stronger.

  • Sonya Fields

    I live here in Tupelo, but i was not affected by the tornado. It is a really sad here. My heart goes out to all the families who lost love one and their homes as well. I have toured the areas that were hit several times, and i just cant believe what i have seen, it look like something that you may see at a movie, it just does not seem real. We need to count our blessings. God is oh so good to us. I thank him so much. I am asking for everyone to please pray for these families.

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