Body found in Winston-Salem cinema parking lot identified

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Police have discovered the body of a deceased woman in a vehicle parked in a cinema parking lot.

According to police, the body of a woman was discovered in the parking lot of the Carmike 10, located at 3640 Reynolda Road.

The woman has been identified as Jessica Mawren Jones, 24, of Moravian Falls.

The call to officers came in shortly before 3 p.m. Monday.

At this time the investigation is in the very early stages and the cause of death is unknown.


  • Erica

    My husband and i were at the carmike cinema last night saw the very last showing of brick mansions its frigtening to know that we may have been in the parking lot the same time she was we got out around 11-12 oclock there were only a few vehicles in the parking lot and i remember seeing one in the general area of where the video shows her car that i know one of the newscast were saying they think the body might have been there all weekend long but not sure so this could have just recently happened and she could have pulled in the parking lot hours afterwe eft or passed away last night i was wanting to make a suggetion that the news release a picture of the girl so if she did see a movie over the weekend and was with anybody else maybe someone could identify her say yes i remember seeing her she was in the same movie cinema with me and give an estimate about thelast time she was seen alive by someone

  • Anti-BS-thinker

    “punctuation”? After reading this story and THAT’s what you’re concerned with..? loL ok , .

  • keepingitreal

    It never surprises me all the idiots that post negatively. Find a hobbies! Praying for this young womans family!

  • Take 5

    All of you that post on every news story need to get a friggin hobby, Probably all fat low life losers who do nothing but live off tax paying citizens all day since you post all day long. I happened to be off today and reading through all the news I missed and same dumba$$e$ post every other article like they are important or something.


  • marco

    I own a pizzeria right by that carmike…it’s sad and scary that something like this happened. I pray for the family affected and our blessings to you.

  • SherryB

    Give out a photo of the woman. It would be helpful to the public if the police are wanting our help. A name means nothing to those of us who might have seen her at the theater, or seen her with someone..We can’t help without a face to jog memories..

  • MR49

    I am puzzled at one thing, if in fact this vehicle was there since friday why didn’t the movie theatre management check when they left Friday, night if anyone was inside, why didn’t management communicate with each other Saturday that the vehicle had been there since the day before. What kind of management does Carmike hire that obviously couldn’t care less or is not attentive enough to notice that there has been a vehicle parked in the same spot over 24 hrs. Seriously…My heart goes out to the girls family

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