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Bride tracks down wedding crashers after appearing in pictures

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. — Newlyweds from Pennsylvania were married back in January, but are just now finding out the identity of a couple who crashed their wedding.

ABC News reported that Krista Lamlin and Andrew Reilly realized at their reception that they didn’t recognize one couple eating and drinking at one of the tables.

They first thought it was amusing. Then they got their wedding photos and video, and the crashers appeared in both.

Lamlin said she first noticed the crashers were sitting at a table with her cousins. She said she had done her own seating arrangement, so she knew they weren’t supposed to be there.

The newlyweds posted images on social media, wanting to know why the crashers were there. The mystery couple was soon identified and apologized.

The crashers said they were staying at the resort where the reception was being held and wanted to join in on the party.

The couple offered to give the newlyweds a belated wedding gift, but Lamlin told ABC News she declined. She said she has made peace with the situation.

“I didn’t ever want to get them in trouble,” Lamlin said. “I apologized to them for calling them out, but I did want to get the message out there that it wasn’t OK to do.”

Source: ABC News


  • Plynn

    They didn’t hurt anybody. Crazy the stuff they put on the news smh. The first wedding I saw as a child was of someone I never knew. We were walking past a church and I went and sat in the grass and watching a beautiful bride and her groom get married. I don’t think it was wrong. If someone I didn’t know showed up a my wedding, I would have been happy, more people to share my happiness with. Just saying.

  • Lee

    That’s when you were a child and you sat in the grass. It’s a way different story when you are an adult. You are expected to understand things like courtesy, boundaries, and what is and is not appropriate behavior. When you are paying for catering, and have planned a seating arrangement that accounts for all the people you’ve invited, and people walk in uninvited you may get charged extra, OR, there may not be enough places or refreshments for everyone. Not only that, crashers NEVER bring a gift, though they are never shy about eating your food and drinking your booze that you are paying for. Some even come looking for an opportunity to steal the gifts. No, crashers are intrusive, presumptuous, and very low class. I would have hoped you would have learned better since (presumably) growing up.

    • FaithC

      I agree with Lee. Sitting in the grass as a child and watching something pretty is one thing, but to show up at a party uninvited and eat and drink for free is just wrong. I am sure couples don’t want complete strangers in their wedding photos.

  • Anita Hancock

    My Aunt and Uncle used to look through the obituaries so they could go to it and then go back to the mourners house to share in the food. That was a long time ago.

    • Iama Retiree

      Your Aunt and Uncle were a couple of dip sticks to do something like that just to have some greasy chicken — especially when someone has died ! Again what a couple of thoughtless dip sticks !

  • Ramona

    That is so wrong in many ways. I would have asked them to leave and since they were in the pictures and videos they would have paid. They ruined the Bride and Grooms special day. You just don’t do this vs like this.

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