25-year-old waitress gets life-changing tip

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- A young student working as a waitress to put herself through college has gotten a life-changing tip.

WHTM-TV reported that 25-year-old Melissa Manier became friends with customer Benjamin Olewine III.

Manier had no idea that she was serving the area's biggest philanthropist. She thought of him as another friendly customer.

When he learned of her struggle to pay off her student loans, he offered to pay for them himself.

Manier was shocked. But his act of kindness became even more meaningful shortly after he took over her bills: Manier’s father died.

Olewine paid off her outstanding debt and continued to pay every cent of her tuition bills and book expenses.

Manier plans to soon earn her bachelor’s degree in nursing.

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  • fred

    This goes to show you all rich people are not bad,as most liberals think.
    His name is on a hospital wing.

  • Bazinga

    This is awesome news and definitely not common by the rich folks…The rich usually look for ways to make more money and write off even more to save themselves on having to pay taxes on all that money. This guy here is just a true rich person who helps others like someone with more money than they know what to do with should.
    all of those so called celebrites who have their face to an organization usually dont do anything for support and just want to get paid to say an organization name or be the face of it. They surely have enough of the pleasurable items and dont give much of anything to anybody else. I dont care, but if you make more than 10 million dollars a year, you should definitely be helping out alot of people! Not just buy more houses to earn money on and a tax write off or spend it on a new maserati to then write it off as a business expense…..how you think all of these celebrities survive – ITS BECAUSE OF US AND WE PAY FOR THEIR STUFF, SO THE LEAST THEY CAN DO IS GIVE BACK! Do free concerts sometimes or match an amount some organization receives in one month or something…nothing but mostly greedy celebrities who just want to get richer!
    This man is a gift from above and I hope he gets even more rich because of his generosity to this woman.

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