25-year-old waitress gets life-changing tip

HARRISBURG, Pa. — A young student working as a waitress to put herself through college has gotten a life-changing tip.

WHTM-TV reported that 25-year-old Melissa Manier became friends with customer Benjamin Olewine III.

Manier had no idea that she was serving the area’s biggest philanthropist. She thought of him as another friendly customer.

When he learned of her struggle to pay off her student loans, he offered to pay for them himself.

Manier was shocked. But his act of kindness became even more meaningful shortly after he took over her bills: Manier’s father died.

Olewine paid off her outstanding debt and continued to pay every cent of her tuition bills and book expenses.

Manier plans to soon earn her bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Read more: WHTM-TV


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