Intruder chased away by Archdale homeowner with a gun

Rand Blvd, Archdale (Google)

Rand Blvd, Archdale (Google)

ARCHDALE, N.C. — An intruder was chased away by a homeowner after the suspect tried to break into his home Wednesday morning.

The invasion was reported at 10:45 a.m. Wednesday at a home on Rand Boulevard in Archdale.

The victim told police he heard a loud knocking at the side door and as he started down the hallway with a gun, a unknown man kicked in the door and tried to force his way inside the home.

The victim said he started towards the suspect who then retreated and fled in a late model silver Dodge Charger.

The victim fired one shot at the suspect vehicle, striking the center of the windshield.

The suspect is described as a black male, 6’4″ tall with dread locks in a ponytail.

Anyone with information is asked to call Archdale Police at 336-434-3134 or Crime Stoppers at 336-861-STOP.


  • Eric

    Only 1 shot fired? Ammo must really be hard to come by for some people. A car with 13 holes in it is much easier to spot.

      • JT

        I thought the same thing, Mark, but maybe not. Had he fired a warning shot in the air or something, maybe he would be charged. But in this case, I think you have a case for self defense. The driver tried to hit the homeowner. But I see what you mean–it’s a little grey here because the homeowner chased him after the immediate threat had passed. Chucky1992, I seem to remember you identifying yourself as a police officer–if I pursue someone after they break in my house and then fire a shot in self defense, do you know if I would be charged in that hypothetical situation? Thought I’d defer to the expert on that one.

  • Chucky1992

    These people are everywhere. They knock on the door and if no one responds, they break in. I wonder if he hit a person in the car. Hmm.

  • Eric

    Just a warning. If anyone breaks in my home while I’m at home, the will get shot. Not just once. It will be my word against a dead persons. Dead people Don’t talk a lot.

  • Mike

    Shoulda aimed a little more to the left… just sayin… a little more to the left and they coulda been taking the guy to the hospital…

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