Randolph Co. middle school employee accused of sending obscene images to teenage girl

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Michael Ray Parker

TRINITY, N.C. — A Trinity man is facing charges after investigators say he sent obscene images to a teenage girl.

Michael Ray Parker

Michael Ray Parker

Michael Ray Parker, 41, of 5526 Covered Bridge Road, Trinity, is charged with two counts of disseminating obscene material to a minor and one count of soliciting a child by a computer.

Parker is a former student advocate who worked at Southwestern Randolph Middle School, according to the Courier-Tribune. His final day was Monday, according to Tim Moody, county schools’ public information officer.

Investigators say Parker was arrested for sending obscene images and soliciting a 13-year-old girl by use of the computer.

Parker is in the Randolph County Jail under a $35,000 secured bond.

The Randolph County Sheriff’s Office is still actively investigating the case.

Anyone with information about this case should contact the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office at 336-318-6699.


  • Chucky1992

    These guys will never learn. There are a lot of folks out there who work to catch child predators. If you are one and you take risks, you are going to be caught eventually.

    Get some help.

  • Eric Moran

    It says accused, not convicted. I am not calling the girl a liar but I know this guy, he coached me years ago. I’ve known him for years and can not believe this would be true. He has a wife and 2 kids was always encouraging and liked to help people. I really hope this is not true…

  • Brandy

    I went to church and grew up with his wife. i worked with parker for several years he has a teenage daughter himself..i cant imagine what they are feeling nor do I know this whole story but its sad..sick..n twisted. If u did it Michael u deserve all u get and more..smh

  • Brandon

    This guy was my wrestling coach. He was one of the guys that built my confidence to the max and actually put effort into it. He would always tell me about his wife and how he can’t wait to go home to watch TV with his kid. I honestly can’t bare to watch this happen.

  • Camper

    The last line of the story bothers me as much as the story does. Lets acuse someone and arrest him the ask the public to come forward with some evidence. The whole thing stinks.

  • Dawn W. Smith

    My prayers go out to his family! Like someone said let’s NOT jump to convicting him!!! I know this family personally for years and they are good people! My heart is broken to think of what his wife and children are going through!

  • Teresa

    Michael and I went to elementary and middle school together. My memories of him where always of him being very nice, polite, and a really great guy. Of all the guys in school he was probably one of the nicest ones there. I really hope this is a big misunderstanding and I hope the girl is ok. I’ve been in a much worse situation and it is horrible and it will stay with you forever and if you’re lucky it won’t affect every inch of your life! I really hope, especially for the young girl, that this is a huge misunderstanding! I hope so for her sake, her families, his families, and him! I pray for you all!

  • gena

    So many of the people commenting are saying he was only “accused”. I spent 12 years with a man who I thought was just the greatest man & father ever, just to find out that he was into child porn. I went to church with Michael Parker for years, & would never have imagined that he would ever do something like this. But then, pedophiles don’t wear flashing “I’m a pedophile” signs on their shirts. If he was arrested, then they have evidence. I just feel awfully sorry for his wife & children!

  • Christian

    That person in the picture he worked at my school and everybody shocked that he did such a thing like that he was a good man but now he’s dead to me that’s all I got to say about him.

  • josh

    Everyone of you need to stop judging he made a mistake we all have. I know parker he is a great man he messed up and he is repenting for and also paying for it. And dont you all have something better to do with your lives other then sit on a computer and judge people.

  • Confidential

    Trust me, you people don’t know all the datails. I do. The girl sent a picture first and she has done that before. And he was set up. The girls dad watched it happen so he could get him arrested instead of stopping it right there

  • Chris Todd

    I have known Michael my whole life I have never even heard him use bad language let alone harm any 1 he has been a role model for me all my life and is 1 of the kindest people I know all these comments on something u know nothing about is proof that our constitution has failed what ever happened to innocent until proven guilty u just hear a report on the news and believe it it makes me sick how gullible our nation has became from my understanding the young girl was sending him pictures and her father knew she was doing it and did not stop her sounds like he is the sick 1 with the problem to allow your child to send a grown man picture of any kind with or without clothes is not very good parenting at all it sound more like entrapment to me i also have a very good friend that had this same problem a few months ago and as it turned out proven in court it was just a spite war because the parents were idiots all charges were dismissed and the parents were almost charged with fileing a false statement so remember that before u make anymore harsh judgment on the accused not the guilty and here something else to think about temptation is a horrible thing it’s real it happens to every god fearing individual Michael is and always has been a devoted Christian he had his family in church from day 1 the bible speaks alot about temptation the devil will always try and tear down the strongest first and by the way when or if it comes out that he is proven innocent are u people gonna get on here and apologize because u didn’t mind jumping to your own conclusion and leaving a negative a comment ! Michael we love u my way and were praying for u through your trials and tribulations and thanks to all of u backing Michael up he is a good man and his family needs our support through this they are amazing people

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