‘Train selfie’ could earn man $250k as viral video hits 23 million views

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train selfieJared Frank, the man who went from tourist to viral sensation after his nine-second “train selfie” video was posted online, could earn up to $250,000 from the whirlwind experience, according to a report from CBC News.

Less than a week after he posted the video, it has been viewed over 23 million times.

Frank, who was vacationing in Peru, attempted to take a selfie video while standing next to a railway track. When the train passed him, a man on the front of the train extended his leg and kicked Frank in the head.

The video has been featured on thousands of websites and led to Frank being approached by several agencies wanting to represent him and help him profit from the video.

“I got all these different offers… and they were all legit.,” he told CBC News.

On Monday, he agreed to a deal with California-based Jukin Media. Frank was told he could earn $2-$16 per 1,000 views and would receive a 70 percent share.

The deal could generate $30,000 to $250,000 with potential for additional revenue from licensing agreements.

Frank said he plans to use the money to pay for film school.

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