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Man catches massive 805-pound shark, won’t share his secret

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MILTON, Fla. — A fisherman in Florida reeled in a massive 805-pound Mako shark last week. However, he really wishes it would have gone unnoticed.

After reeling in the huge shark, Polk stopped to fill up his truck with gas. Someone at the gas station snapped a photo and shared it on social media. Without Polk’s consent, his giant catch went viral.

Polk and his cousins said they don’t want people to ban land-based shark fishing and they don’t want to scare off tourists with the impression the Gulf of Mexico is filled with giant sharks.

“We just want to save our sport the more people that know about it the more people that crowd our beach, with hundreds of people swimming that’s not what we want,” Polk said.

Polk said most of their catches are tagged and not kept.

“Probably 95 percent [of what we catch is] catch and release.”

This one was cooked with a Polk family recipe and served for the community, feeding around 200-250 local people.

Polk said he will never share his family’s “secret” spot where the shark was caught for fear the beach would be swamped by tourists and competing fishing crews.


  • Fay Thacker

    If you can please read the article,,,,,he didn’t put the pick up someone took the pick while he was pumping gas, without his permission,,,your such a loser he fed people with it, you I’m sure would have made money from it,,,right? If you would stop trying so hard to bring people down you may actually rise up,,

    • bill

      Fay, he obviously doesn’t know how to read.. Idiot doesn’t even know how to spell secret, even though its printed right in the title for him… Guess we know who the true inbred is here..

  • Smartie

    Sucko, you are an idiot. First, it is spelled s-e-c-r-e-t. Second, the fisherman didn’t take the picture. Someone at the gas station did and posted it on social media. Please read the story before commenting.

  • JT

    This is ecologically bad–killing apex predators like Mako sharks upsets the ecological balance of the oceans. The fisherman seems to know this; that’s why he’s afraid of a ban. With all that said, Mako steaks marinated in white wine are quite tasty…

  • vinnie

    Millions of sharks are hunted and killed each year, and on there way to be on the endangered species list. I see that you did your part by helping them to get on it. Leave the SHARKS alone!, they are in the ocean for a reason.Take up a new sport that doesn’t involve killing live creatures.How about going back to your roots and make MOONSHINE again!

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