‘Ice Road Truckers’ star accused of kidnapping prostitute, threatens to kill her over $1k

Tim Zickuhr

Tim Zickuhr

LAS VEGAS — An ‘Ice Road Truckers’ star is facing felony charges after police say he kidnapped a Las Vegas prostitute named “Snow White” and threatened to kill her over $1,000.

Tim Zickuhr, who appeared on the second season of “Ice Road Truckers” is charged with first-degree kidnapping, extortion and coercion.


Tim Zickuhr (Las Vegas Police Dept.)

According to the NY Daily News, Zickuhr reportedly gave his ATM card to the prostitute but became enraged when he realized she had withdrawn too much.

In an email to the NY Daily News, Snow White, who identified herself as Lisa Cadeau, admitted to taking $120 more than she was supposed to. But then agreed to meet Zickuhr the next day to give it back.

Cadeau told officers when she tried to give him the money, Zickuhr punched her in the face and told her he wanted more cash.

According to the police report, Zickuhr allegedly took her to his apartment, tied her up while continuing to beat her. He then locked her in a closest and asked her for a phone number for someone who could deliver the money.

Cadeau allegedly then gave him a number for a police officer she knew.

The NY Daily News reported that Zickuhr told the officer that he was going to kill the woman unless someone met him with $1,000.

Zickuhr was arrested when he unknowingly met with the officer. He is scheduled to appear in court in May.

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