Greensboro food truck businesses double in time for summer

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Registered food trucks in Greensboro have more than doubled following the city’s decision to relax regulations and expand where the mobile restaurants can set up around town.

Permits have climbed from 14 to 39 following changes to Greensboro’s food truck ordinance in 2012, when city council approved allowing trucks to roll into new areas like downtown.

City of Greensboro Small Business Coordinator Reggie Delahanty says the growth is not only a positive from an economic development and quality of life standpoint but also reflects growing public acceptance in the Triad of the non-traditional business model.

Prior to the ordinance changes, Greensboro tested a controversial food truck pilot program downtown that raised concern amongst “brick and mortar” business owners about the impact on sales.

FOX8’s Michael Spears spoke with a Greensboro company that recently rolled out its own unique truck and a local business that’s responsible for the outfitting the new mobile restaurants

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  • Walter VanWinckel

    Good move! Why not let these enterprising people set up where they want? Let them meet demand.

    More business. LESS give-orment.

    Portland, OR will be proud to see us following in their footsteps.

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