Couple accused of leaving children in car while they go ‘barhopping’

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Cheri Smith, David Smith

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A couple in Charlotte have been arrested after police say they went barhopping and left their children alone in the family car.

The whole family reportedly went into NoDa Brewery Company first. The parents, David and Cheri Smith, paid their bill and the family left.

“They had a couple of drinks, not drunk, not over-served,” Suzie Ford with NoDa Brewing Company told WSOC.

Two hours later, Ford said the couple’s toddler returned to the restaurant alone with no shoes, wet and looking for his parents.

The staff remembered the child from earlier and started looking for the parents inside, but didn’t find them.

The child led the bartender to the family car parked across the street in front of a different bar, where police said the parents were found drinking.

Police charged the father and mother with abuse and neglect. They are each out on a $1,500 bond.

Source: WSOC


  • FaithC

    Did nobody including my stalker on here that posted under my name again, have an issue with the fact that they were drinking in one place and then another and I am sure going to drive home with the kids in the car.
    These parents should have the children taken away and there should be harsher punishment for this.

  • Donnie

    So apparently the new price for a child’s life is $1500? What the parents did is horrible, but what the magistrate did is even worse. People’s lives, possessions, etc is being severly neglected by this person just like the parents did to this child.

  • ANN

    1500? Reason #1 that people keep committing crimes – punishment never fits the crime. Lock them up somewhere in a car w nothing. How about out in a desert somewhere left to fend for themselves. Amazed that some families can’t have children that would provide loving, caring homes. Then you have these POS that have them & could careless about them. ^^^ comments above how they will be barhoppers?! Common sense isn’t so common huh?! These kids don’t need you or anyone else saying who they will & will not be in the years to come. You don’t like to be judged right? Exactly!

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