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Car repossessed with sleeping 4-year-old boy inside

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A grandmother in Tennessee said she was shocked to find her car missing when she returned home from a shopping trip, even more so because she had left her 4-year-old grandson sleeping in the backseat.

According to WREG, Ruth Brown said her grandson had fallen asleep in the car on the way home from the store.

So she left him in the car while she unloaded groceries. Brown said her daughter's boyfriend was also outside near the car.

But when she went back outside, the car, and her grandson were gone.

“I just thought someone had come up here and stole it, straight wired it, because I had the key,” said Brown.

Turns out the car had been repossessed, and the repo man never knew about the sleeping child in the backseat.

“When they have a repo, they go in, they have the keys, they get the car and drive off. That’s all there is, ” Sam Young, manager of Cooper and Son Auto Sales, said.

Police have not said that Brown will face any charges and officials at the Department of Children Services say they are not investigating.

Source: WREG


  • RaceInMyBritches

    Complain about having someone repo your car and a child inside sleeping….but dont bring up that fact that your not paying the bill for the car and it was legal that they came and got it. Another ‘handout’ wanna be who will complain about what she doesnt get, but never bothers to help others when in need. BS story and I hope they charge the woman with child abuse since there obviously was no longer groceries to unpack or I am sure she would be complaining about that too, but she left the child in the car out of neglect.

    And you stated in the story that the daughters boyfriend was outside as well. Where the heck did he go in all of this because he was not there according to her when she went outside as well?

  • FaithC

    People have no responsibility when it comes to children. Sounds like she was done taking in her shopping so she just left the kid in the car.

  • lIZ m

    Of course your getting blamed stupid Grandma…You could have woken you grandson and got him in the house. And as for your payments…You had to have been pretty late for them to come take your car. btw, they send you a letter in the mail to let you know their coming or to work a payment plan with you. Stand up for your rights??? You don’t deserve rights because you don’t know how to use them.

  • larataylor23

    These comments are so painfully ignorant. The woman doesn’t appear to be making a fuss. She doesn’t need to talk about how she’s behind on her payments considering that’s obvious from the fact the car is being repossessed.

    To suggest that she’s simply an idiot who couldn’t bother to pay her bill is monumentally stupid and disregards the fact that we’re suffering a recession in which many are unemployed or underemployed. I’m sure she didn’t wake up one morning and decide, “Hey, I’m going to stop paying may car payment, because eff the man.” More likely, money is tight and she had to make sacrifices. For her family’s sake, the electricity bill trumped the car payment.

    Knowing that her car is possibly going to be repossessed does not mean it’s to be expected in the evening after returning home with groceries. And as to where in the unpacking processes she was, who the hell are any of you to presume to know. You have no idea about any circumstances in this situation beyond what’s presented here. Perhaps the daughter’s boyfriend had gone inside or stepped over to a neighbors.

    So curb your judgment and have a bit of compassion for someone who lost, if only temporarily, a beloved young child and member of their family.

    • CS1623

      Some of your points are valid, as far as I am concerned. But I’m wondering if you read the news story and didn’t watch the video? The written story and the video are quite different. SHE brings up that “You don’t pay one day and they come get it the next” SHE says she was inside for about 5 mins when she went in to get someone to carry him in, as he is too heavy for her. SHE goes on about her “rights” – what rights were those??? Children’s Services are not investigating. I think you are getting overly defensive for a woman who is not being charged with anything and had her grandson back quickly and safely. She’s extremely lucky. It doesn’t take long to lose a child for good.

      • Jenni

        I agree with larataylor23 none of you know her circumstances… No one here is any better than her and its not your rifht to judge another maybe you all should look in the mirror and start judging yourselves. ive had a car repoyed with no warning cause i was 2 days late on the payment after my car was vandalized by an ex i had a check in hand from the insyrance company to repair the car but was going to use it to pay off the 600 left owed only i walked inro work that day then remembered i firgot my jacket turned around walked back out and my car was gone i had recieved no letters or phone calls being they normally give you a grace period so i had no clue my car was going to get repoed. when i called my finance xompany they told me the ex had called and said i left town and wasnt going to pay….. They didnt even bother calling me. you never know about someones circumstances si its never good to assume you do all youre doing is making an a$$ of yourself.

  • Jackie

    I”ve seen a lot of repo show such as Lizard Lick and shows like that, and every time I do, they always check the car to one make sure it’s the right car and two to make sure there’s no one or nothing in it, it only takes a few seconds to look….

    • Will Grant

      hah….those are reality shows and everything is staged you dummy. hahaha….you really think those shows are legit? God, what has this world come to! I will pray for you.

  • Lo

    The next time any of you with kids go in to pay for gas and leave your kids in the car, remember this story. Anything can happen at any time.

  • its my business

    SHE says she was inside the house for about 5 mins when she went to get someone to carry him in, as he is too heavy for her. So does that mean she left him in the car alone the entire time she was grocery shopping, too????????

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