Car repossessed with sleeping 4-year-old boy inside

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A grandmother in Tennessee said she was shocked to find her car missing when she returned home from a shopping trip, even more so because she had left her 4-year-old grandson sleeping in the backseat.

According to WREG, Ruth Brown said her grandson had fallen asleep in the car on the way home from the store.

So she left him in the car while she unloaded groceries. Brown said her daughter’s boyfriend was also outside near the car.

But when she went back outside, the car, and her grandson were gone.

“I just thought someone had come up here and stole it, straight wired it, because I had the key,” said Brown.

Turns out the car had been repossessed, and the repo man never knew about the sleeping child in the backseat.

“When they have a repo, they go in, they have the keys, they get the car and drive off. That’s all there is, ” Sam Young, manager of Cooper and Son Auto Sales, said.

Police have not said that Brown will face any charges and officials at the Department of Children Services say they are not investigating.

Source: WREG


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