Arrest made in Waughtown Market armed robbery

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(Surveillance photo)

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Police have arrested a man in connection with the robbery of a Winston-Salem business Tuesday morning.

Officers responded to the Waughtown Market, located at 67 Waughtown St., around 10:20 a.m. in reference to an armed robbery.

The store clerk told officers a man entered the store and asked to purchase a cigar. When the clerk opened the register, the suspect produced a handgun and reached over the counter, taking an undisclosed sum of currency.

After an investigation, the Winston-Salem Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division identified the suspect as Anthony Morrison, 25, of Winston-Salem.

Morrison was arrested without incident in the 700 block of North Cherry Street.

Morrison was charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon and placed in the Forsyth County Jail under a $150,000 secured bond.

An investigation is ongoing.


  • Chucky

    I’m shocked. I can’t believe they caught him. I wonder what evidence they have other then a very good close up picture of him holding a pistol. LOLROF

  • Will Grant

    All the wanna-be “intellectuals” who wear bow ties will be on in a few minutes to defend this POS. Feets don’t fail me now…

  • UnderArmour

    he wanted to get his fix of the crime like all of his other brothers locked up downtown….almost as if he tried to smile for the camera holding that piece….mom and dad wherever they are for him must be proud (chances are he doesnt know who they are, but I still will say it).

    • abril Gonzalez

      Why would you assume he doesn’t know his parents? Children choose their own paths once they reach an age to make their own decisions. Why should his bad decisions be a reflection on who his parents are?

      • UnderArmour

        Because most ghetto boys have lost parents and have no guidance. I am sure he doesnt know his parents or has had contact with them in quite some time.
        Again, I can make a pretty positive assumption that some colored black boy who robs a store with a handgun doesnt have guidance.

    • Anonymous

      Actually I know him and he definitely does know his parents…both of them. They have been in his life since he was born. Don’t assume things about people when you have no idea :-)

  • Thomas Christopher

    But all he wanted was iced tea and Skittles. Oh well, if there is any silver lining for this “alleged robber”, maybe the city of Winston-Salem will give him cash for his weapon at the next gun buy-back event.

  • Marsha

    Like really y’all don’t know this guy. His parents in his life and all. But y’all need to stop judge him. It’s hard out here and y’all don’t know what he going thur or his situation. He great father to his kids and a good guy. Y’all talking all y’all stuff and junk hope your life right or your kids good and not on drugs. If you wasn’t so worried but his life or y he did it you get some stuff done today. Now have a bless one

    • Chucky1992

      What?! Speak English? He won’t be much of a father to his kids while he is in jail. That certainly is not a way to set a good example for them neither was his arrests for drug charges, driving with a revoked license, discharging firearms in the city, etc. then repeatedly failing to appear for court. It’s his time to pay the piper.

  • terry

    oh marsha dont matter what your going though.any time
    you put somae one’s life in danger for money,you are complete trash
    i use to live in a trailer with no running water and verry cold in the winter
    time.but, i never stole or hurt any body for no %#%&#money!
    the drugs is his fault.shame of my own race.what a monkey!

  • Marsha

    The lady not hurt so freak what. I hope your life together. But any who if you worry about your life then and not other people the world be in a better place who ever you is. He know what he did was wrong but that’s on him not you. He going do his time no matter what but that’s his lesson he have to learn from

    • Gods grace in mercy

      Wrong he made a mistake because of hard times, he regrets what he have done, but I guess everyone in your family is so perfect, not stop judging, he is a great father, yes what he did is wrong, black or what, but he never had gotten into anything like this before, The young man will redeem his self, were all praying for him. God show your mercy in grace own this young man , in Jesus name I pray.

    • targetsacquired

      Nah, see, if he had done that to me, he would be dead. Simple. Thats why I DO worry about idiots like that and their friends that think its ok to go rob folks…see, I prefer not to have to ever shoot someone in self defense or while they are in the commission of a felony.

  • Gods grace in mercy

    You never know when someone you love might make a serious mistake, I’m sure many if your family member are lockedup in jail on drugs, lie stolen something underarmour, so tell about your family skeletons, then judge your family, huh not all sqeaky clean right underarmour.

  • Keep Calm, I am White

    I guess he wil learn his lesson in prison and his kids can grow up and get far away from this idiot. I feel bad for his kids because now they have to grow up knowing their father was a low life loser who tried to rob a store…definitely deserves to be put away for awhile cause he had a weapon and obviously would have used it if the owner of the store resisted….from his monkey pic, doesnt look like he was is a pleasant criminal in any fashion…
    Not to mention all the people who are defending him, I feel sad for all of you too cause your all intellectually incompetent by reading your posts….I guess your all ghetto like your locked up brother. All idiots and the ghetto lives on!
    I think he just wanted a banana and he would have left happy.

  • Q

    Wow..ignorance at its best.. a shame racism still lives like this ! Black , white, Hispanic..whatever the color.doesn’t matter..its the person that makes the decision…and speaking on someone and not knowing them or situation is weak…I have to say , I dislike the society we live in. Full of ignorance.. you people that commented negative; given proof. I’ll pray for you as well as for Bud.

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