After 61 years of marriage, couple heads to hospice side-by-side

AVON LAKE, Ohio -- An Ohio couple is spending their final months together in hospice after 61 years of marriage.

Joe Griffith was diagnosed with bone cancer two weeks ago. Doctors give him less than two months to live. His wife, Faye, has Alzheimer's and dementia. The 79-year-old has lived in a nursing home for the past year.

The family worried that cost and the couple’s medical benefits wouldn’t allow them to be together. But what they thought was impossible is now possible and a reality.

“It’s a joy to live together and grow old together,” said 83-year-old Joe Griffith. “I’m talking about real joy.”

Joe holds Faye’s hand, sitting by her side at hospice. Her speech is slurred and she's often difficult to understand. But Joe wouldn't be anywhere else.

“All death does is just end this life to begin a new life, and we’ll begin a new life 30 days from now,” added Griffith.

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  • B

    Old age does not cause dementia and cancer. It’s the radiation from the nuclear power plants that cause cancer and dementia. It’s in our water,food and air.

  • Tobyshuman

    My dad’s dementia was caused by an untreated stroke that his vile, inhuman, evil wife wife knew about and did nothing about. That is in black and white and we can’t prove it. She got her pay back though…..

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