8-year-old faces two felony counts after assaulting police officer, damaging cop car

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ALLEGAN COUNTY, Mich. — An 8-year-old boy faces two felony counts after an altercation with police and allegedly damaging the inside of a police vehicle, according to FOX 17.

Edward Hart, 8, ran away from the Hillside Learning and Behavior Center in Allegan, Michigan on March 19.

According to a police report, a teacher and principal chased the boy. A teacher caught up with the boy at a party store a block away from the school.

Police were called and school staff requested an officer drive Edward to school. When the officer asked the boy’s name, he cursed at the officer and assaulted him, according to the report.

“I don’t even think he did anything wrong in this case. He’s special need[s],” Robert Bluhm said. “He’s ran away from the school before,” Bluhm said.

During the altercation, the officer said the boy broke the rear police camera. As a result, he faces malicious destruction of police property and resisting and obstructing.

“He has special needs. He has anger issues. They know this and they’re going to throw him in the back of a cop car all by himself,” Bluhm said.

Source: FOX 17


  • Will Grant

    where are the parents and this school is obviously not fit to handle a kid like this. I dont care what type of disease you have, you dont destroy property that does not beling to you and expect to get away with it because your not normal.

      • Casey

        A mental disorder is a disease.

        “a disorder of structure or function in a human, animal, or plant, especially one that produces specific signs or symptoms or that affects a specific location and is not simply a direct result of physical injury.”

        Mental disorders are the result of structural or functional problems in the human brain. You’re letting the stigma of the word influence your perception of its meaning here.

      • Not you're business

        So here is the thing people How about one we purge the people that think sooo foul about children, two to the people that state that a mental disorder is or of a dysfunctions in the brain well post dramatic stress is not brought about that way cognitive disorders are most likely brought about several ways one being told what to do then being told to do that thing differently.Such as mind games toward a child.I’ll be straight forward I use to be duck tapped mouth and hands when i was 3 going up to 6 from there mind games accrued all the while making sure kids got out of the foster house i was placed in.IF i had the authority right here right now I”D PURGE ALLLLL PEDOPHILES starting by locating and finding them then putting a bullet to there head but that’s me.Anyway cognitive disorders are brought about several ways like i said One by a person that as a True disorder mind, in which they tell the person to do something then tell them not to due it thus causing the victim to be unable to comprehend what to do.Normally done a thousand times causing complete disorder.

    • Heather albarran

      He has autism not a disease. And anyone who deals with children on the spectrum knows you do not try to force a child who is having a full out melt down to do something. You first try to switch their attention to something of interest to them and then calmly talk them into getting into the car. And as I have seen in the past police off ice rs do not care they think they know what’s best. They most likely contributed to his melt down and now are trying to prosecute a child who didn’t know what he was doing. And 2 as I read HE WAS IN THE CARE OF THE SCHOOL. THEY ARE AT FAULT FOR THIS THEY SHOULD BE THE ONES TO GET IN TROUBLE. my son who has autism is a runner and the schools he attends knows to NEVER run after him. Instead they tell him to stop come look at this cool thing and then ask him if he would like to go do something like playing in the gym or watching a movie in the library. It’s called manipulation and it works for all autistic and special needs children

    • rude

      That was extremely rude calling him “not normal”. How would you like it if you had something wrong with your brain and people called you not normal. I mean how can anyone really be “normal” since everyone is different.

  • Richard Nance

    The Boy is smart enough to Know that Nobody will DO Anything to him because of his age, heck, he’s in a Behavior Center already what else can be done, he’s destined for Jail or worse & probably will be Dead in a few more years, I don’t believe there’s any kind of medicine for him except Forceful Boot Camp Training in a real Prison, that Tactic Might wake him up, Might!!!

      • don

        all but a few here must be insane to want to hurt a child i wish i could through a few of you off a cliff shame on some of the comments posted here i wouldnt want to be your child and sounds like some of you are unfit to even be a parent shame on most of you here a few people got it rite the rest again shame on you

    • Leslie Chaney

      Wow ! Some kid you must have been . Kids DON’T know consequences . They DON’T know the law of even how to act accordingly and a special needs kids knows even less. Compassion much ???

    • Jesse Dixon

      More than likely the child is autistic. I have a nephew who is autistic and we have to be delicate around him. If you’ve never had to care for a special needs child just as my nephew, don’t even bother to comment. Only those who have special need children/relatives and have been around them to know what sets them off truly understands.

    • Angela

      My first instinct is to call you stupid. He’s an 8 year old SPECIAL NEEDS child with autism. His school is called a “behavior center” because they deal with his behavior issue (autism in this case). He was not put in the behavior center because he already did bad things, he’s put here to learn because mainstream education isn’t going to work for him…yet. He is not destined for prison. He’s 8 years old! The school is not a school for “bad” kids.

  • Adam

    This kid might have special needs, but when I was a kid and I showed my “anger issues” I was scared straight pretty quick. These are the kinds of kids who shoot up the school.

    • Lee Anne

      Adam, you are ignorant and honestly offensive. Since both of my boys on the autism spectrum can be agressive when frightened or anxious and cannot tolerate loud, sudden noise I can assure you they aren’t going to be firing any weapons anaywhere. It is ill informed people such as you who place OUR children in danger. Before prattling about “scaring a kid straight” or untrue claims of future violence how about you spend a little time educating yourself on autism spectrum disorders and common behavors in children with autism?

  • Jennifer Boyd

    I work with special needs children and these comments are horrible! Last I checked, Boot Camp will not fix disorders. The article doesn’t say exactly what his “needs” are. He may very well NOT know what is right or wrong. Some children with disorders will throw a tantrum and will not be able to control their anger. After they calm down, they realize that they did something wrong and will apologize. He was already in a stressful situation and being put in the back of a police car, by himself, was probably terrifying. Yes, I believe that there should be consequences to his actions, but placing felony charges on an eight year old is ridiculous.

    • justin

      You said it yourself. The article doesn’t say what special needs he has. Why are you making excuses for this child. More then likely is add or adhd or something like that. Most people are forthcoming about a kids disabilities. Especially in this case. The news would of said something to get more ratings. We dont know for sure but if its an ailment such as I described then he needs to be punished to the fullest extent. Its not an excuse. Dont judge others when you dont even known the whole story. Makes you no better then the intolerance posted in the other comments.

  • Frank Martin

    Why did school officials want the kid taken to the school in a police car to start with and than complain about it later. So he is special need child, than you school people need to take care of it yourself. Where are the parents? What he needs is his rear end kicked a few times and that will settle him down real fast. Yes it will you dumb people. He knows he can get away with this kind of behavior and you people fall for it every time and parents fall for it also and do nothing about it. My mom would take a willow limb and beat my legs till the blood came and believe me, you do not forget it and you do not do the same thing again. A fact.

    • Angela Arroyo

      I don’t know if you’ve ever dealt with anyone who have special needs who can’t control their anger but they get almost super human strengths that they usually don’t realize it’s happening until they are out of that state of kind. It’s usually a chemical imbalance in the brain so no they can’t usually help themselves. The police were called as a safety precaution forvtge child sobhe didn’t harm himself, which the school would be held responsible for. You would think the police would help but they let their adrenaline take over and usually treat the child as an adult

    • Angela

      Apparently you have never spent any amount of time with a special needs child. How about you volunteer, just for a few days, at a special needs school? Maybe then took understand that taking a while branch to a child will not help the situation.

  • Angela Arroyo

    I had similar issues with my son when he was 8 with the High Point PD. They were taunting him which made the situation worse. If it would not have been for my fiancee who showed up and got him I believe he would have destroyed the inside of the cop car as well. Police go a bit far with children who have some disorders I believe.

  • FaithSee

    It is said the Spartans threw weak/disabled babies over a cliff. Maybe it’s time to return to those days… Seems like every kid has some kind of “disorder” these days. Throw em off a cliff. Please forgive me I have a spectrum disorder…

  • CS1623

    I worked with developmentally disabled adults for many years. I watched as one client assaulted another client and the police did nothing because he “didn’t know any better”. I had another client who punched a bus driver, punched a store clerk, and threatened others. Both of these clients were FULL AWARE that what they did was wrong. But the police felt sorry for them, because they were mentally disabled. Guess what?? Both of those clients have gone on to do more and more and every time the police do nothing. I’m not saying throw the full book at them, but give them a consequence, like community service. Right now, they both know they can do what they want and when we tell them not to, they say that it doesn’t matter because the police won’t do anything. And they are right. I think this boy should be given community service or something like that IF he is aware that what he did was wrong, and understands right from wrong. Otherwise, they are setting him up to continue his poor behavior. EVERYONE needs consequences that fit the crime and their mental age level.

  • RCC

    My parents had a solution for this type of behavior…it’s called a belt. You know that old adage, “A stitch in time saves nine?” It doesn’t apply to clothing only. If you don’t maintain consequences for misbehavior in children…this is what you get.

    • Angela

      He’s not a spoiled brat! You people are ignorant! He is special needs! He doesn’t function “normally” what worked for you isn’t going to work for him. He can’t process those types of consequences. Maybe you should go visit and volunteer in a school where there are special needs children so you can learn a thing or two.

  • Lonnie Workman

    For those of you suggesting “corporal punishment”, (belts, butt-kicking, beat his ***, etc.), yeah, our parents may have done that with us as an older generation, BUT, Try that now and the teacher or guidance counselor finds out and you’ll find Social Services and Child Protection Orders at your front door and guess who your child leaves with as you prepare for hiring a lawyer and court… I know!!

  • Debbie

    Some of your comments break my heart. If you have never had a special needs child in your life don’t give advice to those who do! Yes there are some who understand the difference between right and wrong. There are also children (and adults) that under “normal” circumstances can make correct choices but when put in a stressful situation cannot.
    Some special needs children can be gentle, kind & loving but when provoked or out of control become angry and lash out with super strength. Should they be beaten with a stick or kicked like a dog? NO! They need a safe place to calm down without injury to themselves or others.

    • Carlee

      Lots if people with special needs kids raise them in a manner that doesn’t involve physically assaulting police officers!

  • Will Grant

    Disorders or not, no child should get away with whatever because of a disorder….if he has temper tantrums, give him medication and let him foam at the mouth to be sane. Nobody wants some terrorizing kid to be out roaming around the streets. Tend to the child, but he should pay for his actions…..next thing you know, mental illness will get you away with murder! such a shame

    • Lisa Miller-Marin

      Psychiatric disorders are not medical diseases. There are no lab tests, brain scans, X-rays or chemical imbalance tests that can verify any mental disorder is a physical condition. So yes there is a difference.

  • teresawhitney1

    Wow! I have a son who is special needs. He is autistic. He doesn’t understand right from wrong no matter how much I try to teach him. Not all kids are wired the same way. and for the ignorant people who say these are the kids who shoot up schools make me sick to think you have kids. And I pray god never gives you a special needs child because that poor kid would suffer with you for a parent

    • JanieC

      So it’s okay for him to hurt people and destroy things then? No,sorry, there are consequences for assaulting people and destroying their property. Discipline your brat-as a parent it’s your job to teach right from wrong.

      • Angela

        No it’s not ok but he isn’t going to learn anything by prosecuting him. First he’s 8, second he’s special needs. He learns and processes things differently than you or I do (and I use “you” hesitantly). You obviously have no idea about special needs…maybe you should broaden your horizon just a little.

  • Jameson

    What the hell is wrong withyou people? he is a child with special needs, He needs some help because obviously something is wrong with him, But for all you so called adults to judge a child like that makes you just as immature as he is, He is 8 years old, And we don’t give up on children no matter what, Only immature parents and adults give up on children because they can’t handle life themselves You people are horrible with you judgemental comments, and i bet half or over half of you caim to go to church and be christians, you not christians, Your hippocrits.

  • Forrest

    Jameson, I definitely second your comment.Could not imagine given up on any child mus less mine.The people whom post stupid comment don’t even know some of these children have these behavioral issues before they are even born.Proud parent of a child with RAD.

  • Lisa Miller-Marin

    I see the trolls are out. UNeducated, heartless, mindless, humans. I am sorry for your bitterness, but walk a mile in the shoes of a parent of a special needs child…you could make it a single yard!

  • Will Grant

    where are the parents and this school is obviously not fit to handle a kid like this. I dont care what type of disease you have, you dont destroy property that does not beling to you and expect to get away with it because your not normal.

  • Daniel

    This kid needs help.they shouldn’t charged the boy with anything.He has promblems that is best to be handled by a top notch medical advisor.

  • B

    This article didn’t say anything about the child being autistic. “He has special needs. He has anger issues. I’m glad his parents got him some help unlike the child that killed his mom and all of the children at the elementary school.

  • My2€ent$

    Can not find where the article states he has autism. ….and everyone needs to be held accountable for their actions (newborns not included)

  • My2€ent$

    Can not find where the article states he has autism. 👀…??
    Also, everyone should be held accountable for their actions

  • Lee Anne

    As a mother to five children, two who are diagnosed with high functioning autism, I am sickened by a great many of the ignorant, sometimes evil comments listed here. Throw them off a cliff? Let them froth at the mouth? What in the name of God is WRONG with you?! Autism is a neurological disorder, not an excuse as many have tried to say here. Before you spew your misinformation and hateful words I implore you to educate yourself on autism. Our children aren’t dangerous – YOU are dangerous to our children!

  • Canadian Girl

    Can someone please tell me how this event is news worthy? And WHY have this boy’s name and picture been released by the media? He’s 8! I’ve worked with special needs kids as a teacher’s assistant and also have 2 nephews that struggle. One of them can be quite violent when overwhelmed or overstimulated. I agree that there must be consequences but let the punishment fit the crime. This is a parent/school/community problem that needs to be addressed for the safety of the child by those agencies privately. This story should never have been allowed to make it into print, I hope the family finds a good child advocacy lawyer and sues the media, the police, and the school on this one.

    This story is almost as ludicrous as the 9 month old that has been arrested in Pakistan with intent to commit murder. This story puts the US in the same playing field as Pakistan! Think about that.

  • JanieC

    Maybe his parents will wake up now and do their jobs. An eight year old is too old to be having tantrums, special needs or otherwise, it’s time to grow up. Discipline your spoiled brat!

  • awesome_mom_of_2

    I have a special needs child. He has LD, ODD, OCD, ADHD, and autistic tendencies. He’s 9, and one of the most sweet, loving and polite children you will ever meet. We’ve struggled with many issues, melt downs (NOT tantrums, there is a difference!!!) included. It’s a daily struggle. My son has hurt me during his meltdowns and has even tried jumping out of the car going down the road. It’s not easy, and as far as where are the parents? They’re probably at work, trying to maintain as normal a life as possible, and again, it’s not as easy as it sounds. My son has been in therapy since he was 2, and has just now got to where his mektdowns are manageable. But I should have thrown him off a cliff? Maybe we should start throwing ignorant people off instead. People who stupidly make comments about things they have no knowledge, education, or experience on?

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