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Home destroyed by fire Easter morning in Winston-Salem

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – A home in Winston-Salem was destroyed by fire on Easter morning, but the family living there is thankful nobody was injured.

The Winston-Salem Fire Department said the cause of the fire was likely a cigarette that ignited a mattress.


  • HeeM

    This sorry is wrong at the beginning! Harkime Geddings (last name was misspelled in this story.) It was never said that Harkime woke up for a snack at 5:30am. Our 6 year old son was our Blessing he is the one who woke up coughing and woke me ( Mary ) up to use the restroom and saying his throat hurt and ask for something to drink. So I told him I would get it and that’s when I found the fire and had to wake Harkime up! His/Our youngest son and his safety was the first thing on Harkime’s minds!!!! Our oldest son was the one who wasn’t home. Please get the facts correct before printing a story!!!! In Harkime’s and in My eye’s our 6 year old son is the HERO!!!! He saved our lives!!!! We love both of our boys more than life it’s self and that is all that matters!!!!!!

  • HeeM

    We would like to Thank Everyone that helped us. Let your family know what they mean every second you can!!!! Spend as much time as you can together!!!! FAMILY IS TRULY THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS!!!!

  • HeeM

    Who makes a snack at 5:30am? When you were told that a Philly steak and fries plate and chicken tenders was eaten around 1:30am. Please get the facts right before printing a story. Stop making up your own story

  • HeeM

    We will go away but I pray that your family never has to got throw this, and have untrue things said. By the way it seems you still care!!!!

  • c

    This family is the biggest liars i’ve ever known. They were the only ones home when the fire started. Don’t believe anything this family tells you they use drugs everyday, even around the kids. they are big time scammers and love doing everything illegal

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