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At least one taken to hospital after Archdale crash

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The area near 10102 S. Main Street in Archdale (Google Maps)

ARCHDALE, N.C. – Police said at least one person was hospitalized after a crash involving two vehicles Sunday in Archdale.

Officials said it happened near 10102 South Main Street when one vehicle T-boned another vehicle, causing it to flip.

Randolph County emergency workers took the unidentified victim to High Point Regional Hospital with unknown injuries.


    • Amber Hernandez

      You dont have no respect for anyone that was my family in the wreck and they are not worthless you are u big dummie so get your nose out of other people busness unless you were you were the one that caused the wreck u dummie

      • Chucky1992

        I think he was saying the report was worthless… he wasn’t making a comment about the collision or those involved in it. I tend to agree with him about the report. There was very little information provide accept that there were two vehicles, one flipped and it happened in Archdale.

  • Amber Hernandez

    Are you talking about the wreck that happened on Saturday if you are please contact me cause it was my family that was in the car that flipped over thank you Amber Hernandez

  • Because I can

    Don’t think Lee was saying anything but that they put this report up but it had basically No info except that a wreck occurred and they took someone to the hospital, I believe he just meant he would like to know more if he reads the story (as would I) …wrecks happen everyday that you never hear about so why pick this one to put in the news if you aren’t going to share anymore info then what they did about it….I don’t think he meant any ill will towards your family member just more aggravated with the report, I hope they are ok and make a full recovery from this Amber!

  • Will Grant

    I wonder if the wreck involved a former coworker of mine that everyone called “Foghorn.” She was annoying beyond belief.

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