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Greensboro man returns to Boston to finish marathon

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BOSTON, Mass. -- A Greensboro man is gearing up to run the Boston Marathon on Monday – a race he was unable to finish last year.

FOX8 talked to Reid Bolinger on FaceTime, who is preparing for the big race tomorrow.

The Greensboro resident ran in the 2013 Boston Marathon, but never got to finish the race. He said he was stopped at mile 25 because of the bomb at the finish line.

Two pressure cooker bombs exploded during last year’s race, killing three people – including a child – and injuring an estimated 264 others. One of the suspects was killed and the other was arrested and awaits trial.

But this year, Bolinger, like other runners, is determined to run and finish the race.

“I see a lot of the 2013 finisher jackets around town,” he said. “I couldn`t imagine them not coming back.”

Just like last year, his wife is with him by his side. Last year, she was waiting at the finish line, just feet from the explosions.

“She`s planning on sitting in the bleachers at the finish line where she was last year to watch me come in,” he said.

Even though the memories of last year’s marathon are still fresh, Bolinger said people are ready to take on this year’s run.

“I`m sure it will be with us for a long time, but people are ready , we`re ready to run tomorrow and I know I`m looking forward to it and everybody I`ve talked to is just excited.”

Reid is collecting money for the One Fund to help Boston victims.