New high school means tax hike for Davidson Co.

DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. — County Commissioner Fred McClure said that a county tax increase was the only option to help fund a new high school to help alleviate overcrowding.

McClure said approximately 13 teachers at Ledford High School do not have classrooms and use carts to transfer their supplies to different rooms during another teachers planning period.

On May 6, people will decide between a property tax increase or a 25 cent sale tax increase.

“With the quarter cent sales tax food and medicines are exempt so the impact on the poor and the elderly as well with the farmers with a lot of land is less,” McClure said. “And we get to use the tourist dollars from the barbecue festival and the barbecue cook off and all the other tourist events that we might have coming in for Richard Childress.”

The new high school would help to ease crowded classroom in the northern county between Ledford High and North Davidson High School. The new location would be close to Oak Grove Middle School.

“If the people say go ahead with the quarter cent then that’s what we’ll do,” McClure said. “We’’ll vote as commissioners to do that and we’ll bank the first two years of the sales tax and use it for when all of the bids are let and construction actually begins to put down and reduce the amount we have to finance. “

Mother Brenee Harp said although she is not a fan of higher taxes the hike would be beneficial to her son and his peers at Ledford High School.

“I think that would be a good thing to be taxed for. That would be a wonderful improvement,” Harp said.

A Davidson County Schools representative told us the enrollment and capacity numbers for Ledford and North Davidson High School were not available Thursday.


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