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Facebook to open new facilities in NC where old photos are stored

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FOREST CITY, N.C. -- Old photos posted on Facebook of your significant other or child not only live online - they are also "stored" in data storage facilities.

350 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day. With 400 billion photos already on the site already, they need even more space.

In just a couple of months Facebook will open two new facilities in the mountains of North Carolina.

One of Facebook's data storage buildings will be in Forest City.

There are only a couple dozen people in the entire company allowed in the building, which is tight with security.

"On the other side of this wall is actually the servers that hold people's personal information that they've entrusted us to take care of," says Keven McCammon of the Facebook Forest City Data Center.

Millions of Facebook user's photos are kept in the building on the hundreds of thousands of tidy pull-out trays that hold the servers.

"The only thing that requires tools on here is actually to remove the heat sync," says McCammon.

Facebook is trying to make their facilities here greener, faster, and more efficient than anywhere else.

Facebook Communications Director, Michael Kirkland, says "we're showing off our new cold storage facility which is this hyper efficient design for long term storage of things like photos."

Facebook calls data that's not used often, "cold storage."

Because it's seldom clicked on, they say it doesn't need the upkeep and the energy powering a normal data facility.

Two more cold storage facilities are already under construction in Rutherford County.

Facebook says very few if any jobs will be added when these new buildings open up in a couple of months. They say it takes just one technician on the job everyday, in each building, to keep them up and running.

Source: WLOS


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