National Freshman of the Year Diamond DeShields to transfer from UNC

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UOMJULUTCUXSSUO.20130912231810CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — National freshman of the year Diamond DeShields is transferring from UNC, according to The Herald-Sun.

DeShields scored 648 points this past season, more than any freshman in ACC history, and led UNC to the Elight Eight for the first time since 2008.

UNC coach Sylvia Hatchell said in a statement that she did not “know or understand” why DeShields is leaving.

“As most everyone knows, I was out and missed the entire season with leukemia,” Hatchell said. “Thankfully, I’m in complete remission and will be back 100% for next season.  It breaks my heart that I will not have the opportunity to coach Diamond and help develop her on and off the court.  I love her and wish her well.”

Source: The Herald-Sun


  • Ricky Bobby

    She is smart…..getting out before all the allegations of UNC Athletics hits the news and banned from any NCAA function or games. Come to Wake Forest baby, we will take care of you and you will eatrn a credible college degree as well as an awesome athletic scholarship. We have actual classes you are required to go to, not just some online nonsense like UNC where you have your professor just give you an ‘A’ because you play sports (and dont doubt me because I know someone there who did this and I am sure you may too).

  • AC Smith

    WILL GRANT– I a not a UNC supporter, but you lost all credibiity with your last comment.

    I wish Ms. DeShields much happiness in all of her future endeavors.

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