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40 people arrested across NC for human trafficking

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
55-year-old woman arrested at this home in Greensboro (1825 Bouldevard St.) and charged with maintaining a dwelling for prostitution.

55-year-old woman arrested at this home in Greensboro (1825 Bouldevard St.) and charged with maintaining a dwelling for prostitution.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – Police said 40 people have been arrested for human trafficking in North Carolina, including 30 in Winston-Salem.

The arrests come after an investigation that started in 2009 in response to allegations of organized prostitution in Winston-Salem, according to police.

Officials said the victims have been identified as at least five foreign nationals, including one minor and were trafficked at locations in Winston-Salem.

Police said 25 brothels were identified in North Carolina, nine of which were in Winston-Salem.

Winston-Salem police said the suspects face a total of 76 charges at both the State and Federal levels.

Multiple law enforcement agencies contributed to the investigation including police departments in Asheboro, Durham, Greensboro, Raleigh and Kernersville.

The following have been identified as having key roles in the initiation and/or furtherance of organized prostitution and sex trafficking in Winston-Salem: Mauro Aparicio Hernandez; Augusto Justino Valverde-Morales; Carmina Canton; Deysi Suyapa Rodriguez; Fredi Menendes Garcia; Lorenzo Espinal Almonte; Ondina Lizeht Alonso Hernandez.



  • Steve

    Now now. Other than being in the country illegally AND human trafficking, they are basically law biding citizens…according to Field Marshall Holder.

  • jennifer

    Such an ignorant comment, they have spanish names and you automatically assume they are from mexico! God Bless you!

      • Tracey

        So will and stephen why do you go back to where you people came from!!! Obviously you do not have native american names!!! A** hole. And theres one for the police, it only took since 2009, 4 to 5 extra years of expolitation, wonder if the fuzz got thier cut, probably

  • gear31

    I can’t believe how Ignorant people can be! just because they have Hispanic names does not mean they are illegal or that they are from mexico! yes I understand that they did wrong and for that they should be punished. but get it in your head NOT ALL HISPANICS ARE CRIMINALS! some of us are trying to do something with our lives not trying to be rude but some of us do more then you fellow Americans.

    • Sybele

      I’m from S. America myself and came here legally 30 years ago and let me tell you something…if Hispanics that came here legally stopped being offended and instead were against other Hispanics coming here illegally it would improve things greatly! You want people to stop judging then show support for the laws of the Country and expect other Hispanics to obey the same laws. I’m part of a Hispanic group that is against amnesty for that reason, a lot of Hispanics are judged thanks to those idiots that come here illegally and commit crimes or work under the table for half the money, eliminate those and then people will be able to see the good in the Hispanics that are here for the right reasons and contributing to society.

  • Mike

    People of High Point…go back with me in time..40 years uncle worked his butt off in a furniture aunt worked in a Burlington sweat shop..I watched them proudly work and pay their bills and they never complained…they lived according to biblical teachings and taught me to work hard for a honest dollar…and High Point was a wonderful place…they also taught me that color of skin has no meaning..their best friends were black and I can say that today as well. We have to stop the hate and build our country back like it was…and should be..

    • news2me

      Touching and very Respectful Comment Mike.
      “We have to stop the Hate”

      The people in the article are criminals ..and criminals come in all shapes,sizes,colors, and all places.

      For someone to blame an entire group of people for a crime committed by a few is wrong.

      There are good people in this world.

      Your comment has made me have hope that we can live in harmony and stop this unnecessary judgement.

    • Triple Aught

      Ricky Bobby,

      FOX 8 took the comment down.

      It is quite alright for Ms. Farmer to act silly.
      And it is also quite alright for Mr. McNeil to dis Truck Drivers every chance he gets, (even though everything he owns has been on a truck at some point or another).

      But let somebody come on here and speak out about how these people are stealing OUR money, with the Gooberment’s graces, and the comment get deleted.

      I have a friend who came here from LA.
      He did things the right way. He became an American Citizen and he pays more taxes than most who comment here.
      He owns his own business.
      He feels the very same way I do about this issue.

      These people did not bother to better their own Country.
      They were too lazy to do that, even though they had Spain’s backing.
      So they come here and draw off of monies that American Citizens were and are, being forced to pay.

      I work 5 days a week. 1 whole day of that paycheck goes to taxes.
      and, to so called,”Gooberment Entitlements”.

      I’ll never see that money again, Ever.

      They make one trip to DSS and come out with handfuls of instructions on how to get free money.

      While my 88 year old Mother had to scratch and claw for even some of her medicine. (She started work at 15 and stopped at 84).

      It is Not Right.

      Erase this FOX 8.

  • ja

    If you want to complain about how jobs are being taken away rather than blaming immigrants why don’t you point your finger at corporations who take jobs overseas where Philippine and China are working to make the clothes you may have at your very own closet. Stop acting as if the term “REAL” Americans applies to anyone here, no one is a true American except those who thrived here long before Europeans took over.

    • dfinch

      Don’t blame the corporations. Blame the government. The US has the highest corporate tax rate in the world. This is why jobs have gone overseas.

      • mojorisin73

        I blame both because the corporations are the ones running our government, not “We the People”. They paid the politicians on both sides to pass trade deals like NAFTA, which is also responsible for bringing all of these illegals in here, to send our jobs out of the country.

      • mojorisin73

        Since NAFTA, they have been proposing for an open border system like Europe called the North American Union, yep, it’s only going to get worse if people keeps voting for the corporate status quo 2 party system that has messed this country up and destroyed the middle class over the last 40 years since Nixon started with the BS trade deals with China.

    • Wally the Engineer

      Yeah, big business loves having illegal immigrants of all nationalities here because they are able to take advantage of their cheap labor. That is why there will never be a real fence between the USA and Mexico. (or the USA and Canada) the Super rich, and Wall St. types NEED the cheap labor to be able to maximize profits.
      You can thank Ronald Regan and EVERY administration since his for this.

  • dobydog1

    these are the illegals that obama and the left want us to greet with open arms. if they are willing to break immigration laws they are likely to break other laws as well.

  • My2€ent$

    First of all it says “Officials said the victims have been identified as at least five foreign nationals, including one minor and were trafficked at locations in Winston-Salem.” So the victims ARE FOREIGN NATIONALS as in not from here. But that does NOT make it any better. And more than likely they are all working “regular” jobs …and if you are illegal you can’t get SSI, DISABILITY and in VA I know for a fact they can NOT get welfare unless pregnant and that is “Emergency medicaid” for the birth only..and food stamps etc for the illegal. I can’t personally say about other states.

    • Triple Aught

      You are wrong. And wrong headed.
      Know something before you post.

      They are being signed up and approved every single day for monies that the American Worker was forced to pay.

      Go look for yourself.

    • Triple Aught


      They come here and undercut the American Workers pay.
      They come here and Take Jobs for a lower wage thus slowly but surely erasing Americans from those positions.

      Truth is not the same as Hate, however, sometimes Truth can appear to be Hateful.

      And since so many wish to avoid any confrontation, the Truth seldom gets told anymore.

  • Bob Savery

    Your comment reaks of ignorance. The illegals I know are hard working, honest people just trying to make a better life for their families. Many do pay income taxes. Some are business owners. They pay Sales Taxes, Gasoline Taxes, Meals Taxes, Excise Taxes, Realestate Taxes, and most do pay Income Taxes. Many in fact do pay into Social Security.Yes, many purchase goods new and used and transport to their families in their homelands. They stimulate our economy. Unil you have seen the tears in a Mexican father’s eyes explaining how his daughters in Mexico have to support themselves through prostitution, you haven’t a clue why they want so badly to become US Citizens.

    • dfinch

      The ones that want to stay in the country are the ones born here. The older ones are here because of them. A lot of money goes back to Mexico from here. If one will do the research they will find that the Mexican economy if probably doing better than ours.

    • news2me

      I agree Bob. The People I know from Mexico are some of the hardest working ever.

      I also know the children in school are some of the brightest.

      If people would say hello to the people who are looking for a better life instead of ridiculing them, this world would be so much better place.

      To the posters who are post day after day after day the negative and hate comments, you need to learn how to respect all people and you need to get an education.

  • Wally the Engineer

    I would hope there’s a special bad afterlife for these people taking advantage of these women and CHILDREN.
    None of these people crossed the boarder with the goal of being prostitutes.
    The people who ran these rings deserve a long time in prison.

  • Cindy

    Thank you Bob Savery….. That is the smartest thing i’ve heard said yet. Most have no idea about mexican’s but what they have hear.They should start checking the facts before they agree with everyone.

  • CapeFearFIRE

    “Bothels were only for LATINOS” Direct Quote from news video. Just think what this sting operation has cost legal taxpaying residents. With upcoming attorneys, interpreters, long drawn out court cases, incarceration, victim rehab, millions of taxpayer $$$ down the drain thanks to an Open Border policy and NO immigration enforcement in NC. Thom Tillis and his HB786 jobs loophole, an open invitation to cross the border illegally along with Rowan County Rep. Harry Warren’s push for IA licenses has put the GREEN LIGHT on NC for more mass illegal immigration. for numerous illegal alien crime reports. Wake UP!

    • Triple Aught

      Again, BS!

      5 of the victims were Foreign Nationals.
      So that leaves the question,
      Who were the rest of the victims…?

      I get to see it every day of the workweek.
      With my own eyes.

      12 to 15 year old girls being exploited on streets and street corners, in undesirable neighborhoods.

      The, “Johns”, mostly are middle aged white and black men, in suits and ties.

      Again, I have given you people the real facts.

      It is heart breaking.

      • Susan

        It said: Officials said the victims have been identified as at least five foreign nationals

        Not that five INDIVIDUALS were foreign, but that there were five NATIONALITIES. Learn how to read before you post.

    • CapeFearFIRE

      Per FOX news video above, the perps, vics, and customers were all Hispanic and most likely illegal or at best PLRs. Look to NC HB786, 3 pages which passed in 2013. There’s part of the answer. Destroying the state and the nation.

  • Triple Aught

    FOX 8,

    You want people to use the site, but if it does not conform to your dogma, you take comment down.

    That speaks volumes about how degraded this society has became.
    It also speaks volumes about how the Media in General is only a tool for this much crooked Gooberment that we now have.

    Take your 88 year old mother down to Social Services to find out why she is having so much trouble getting Medicare to pay for her needed medicines, (Medicare that she was forced to pay into for all of her 88 years), and see for yourself if what I said is True or not.

    American Workers have paid into these so called entitlements for every working day of their lives.

    But when you visit the DSS, you will find that there is a crowd there, The vast majority of that crowd is applying for Food Stamps, SSI, and Medicaid. And they are NOT legal citizens, nor have they paid one red cent into these so called entitlements.
    But these people are being directed straightway by every Gooberment Agency to apply for them.

    As far as you other people squawking about how hardworking your friends are, you need to take a look at all the legal citizens who were real hardworking legal citizens who are being rubber stamped by denial to entitlements that the US Gooberment has Stolen from them.

    This is not a Democrat or Republican thing.
    This is an issue about crooked politicians doing anything they can to get re-elected.

    So here is yet another Truth for you people at FOX 8 to erase.



  • Carl Horowitz

    Whether these traffickers are here legaly or illegally, they have no right to be in this country doing their dirty business. They can go back home voluntarily or we can escort them back in handcuffs — their choice.

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