Watch John Daly hit a golf ball out of a woman’s mouth

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AUGUSTA, Ga. — A woman let John Daly hit a golf ball off a tee she was holding between her teeth.

Daly posted the video to Twitter, however the tweet and video have since been deleted. The video was later posted on YouTube.

Katherine Michelle, a model, told TMZ it happened last August in Augusta, Ga.

“J.D. has loads of talent and he’s one of my best friends. I trust him with my life,” Michelle told TMZ, adding “His girl is also my best friend.”

When asked if she was ever worried about something going wrong, she said “No, because he’s done this a few times. He would never do anything to hurt me or others.”

A search on YouTube proves Michelle is right. Daly has done this more than a few times, including with golf commentator David Feherty.


  • Will Grant

    Fat, drunk, broke “golfer” now a sad sideshow attraction. Probably wishes, even now, that he could trade places with The Ultimate Warrior.

    • Will Eats the Yellow Snow

      Will Grant, what have you accomplished in your life? Couple of under achieving kids and an ugly wife who is having an affair? At least this man is living life, not disrespecting someone from behind a computer screen.

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