Paraplegic killed, dragged in last week’s deadly hit and run was a husband, father of 7

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- The daughter of the man dragged three miles in a hit-and-run last week says the charges against the suspect are not enough.

"You have to be heartless," said Shajohnna Hill, of Detroit, Mich. "This man had a life, he had kids. He is a human being."

Her father, John Otis Hill, had traveled from Michigan to visit a long-time friend in Winston-Salem when investigators say Viola Spencer hit him on Cleveland Avenue, stopped briefly, and then continued on with Hill trapped under Spencer's SUV.

It's believed Spencer dragged Hill for three miles, even stopping once at a gas station to fill up with Hill trapped underneath. Hill died later at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

Spencer is facing felony hit and run, misdemeanor death by motor vehicle and charges for trying to cover it all up.

"I feel like misdemeanor shouldn't even be categorized with taking my father’s life," said Hill. "Now it's one thing that you have an accident but it's another thing when you know you hit someone and you keep going and then try to cover up after the fact."

Hill says her father, a paraplegic for more than 20 years, didn't let his handicap slow him down or keeping him from visiting his Winston-Salem friend once a year.

Witnesses tell police someone -- unknown to investigators -- driving Hill last Tuesday night got into an argument with him and set him out in the middle of Cleveland Avenue without his crutches. Neighbors told FOX8 last week they found Hill in the street saying he couldn't move his legs and as neighbors tried to get him out of the street he was hit.

Hill says her father, married to her mother for 36 years, loved his family that included seven children, the youngest two who are teenagers.

"This is a father that was always in my life from day one,” she said. “School, parent teacher conference, ball games; he was there."


  • tracy inman

    the person who put him in the street deserves to face charges. how does this even happen? no one saw this man under her car for 3 miles, even when she pulled in for gas?

  • Lynn Davila

    yeap the person that put him in the street should be charged with the same crime as the lady that hit him. praying for his family may god rest his soul!!!

  • jessica

    This is horrible!!! He was a good man and on top of that he was paralyzed that woman should rot in jail for the rest of her life.I’m so sorry for their loss but he’s in heaven now watching over his family and that woman will pay when she meets her maker! Prayers for the family.

  • Mark Stabler

    The person that put him in the street should be charged with a minimum of assault on a handicapped individual, reckless endangerment and probably accessory to murder…because that is exactly what the women committed. She ran over him, stopped, then fled, trying to conceal the act, stopped to get gas and went on her merry way…don’t come any lower than that.

  • faith black

    I believe the driver of the vehicle should be charged with capitol murder. Total disregard for human life, I bet you they were too busy on their telephone, either texting or looking at the screen. And the person that placed this guy in the road ought to be charged with capitol murder also. Get both of these scum bags out of our neighborhoods. My condolences go to the family of the victim. I pray correct and severe justice is served.

  • B

    They need to charge the person that dropped him off for endangerment of a handicap person if there is such a charge. The man could not walk without assistance. This makes Winston Salem look bad for not being a safe place to visit.

  • B

    Hey, FaithC , what’s wrong with living with mom and taking care of you’re mother. I thought you were better than that girl to make such a comment. Some of us have to work at minimum wage jobs and can’t afford a 800$ rent payment and a used Lexus. Come on now have a heart.

  • Tracey

    Did she even realize someone was under her car? No one at the gas station saw. He was of small statue like a child

  • Shajohnna hill

    I Pray that they take the Bond away I feel like Bond is a privilege I love u Dad justice will be served

      • curious

        (Fake)FaithC, I don’t believe in Hell but for people like you I wish there really was a place where you would burn for eternity. You are evil.

  • shari

    I am the wife of mr.hill I have been trying to stay off these websites but faith c im wondering did u have something to do what my husband’s death there are always negative comments that are spilling out y I ur mouth you dont know how much this have hurt our family he was a husband father brother cousin uncle and friend but most of all he was a true friend and veryuch love this person took a piece of me away we have been together 36 years im so lost I have survive cancer 3 times but cant survive losing my husband you dont know how it is when your teenagers say they dont want to come home cause daddy is not there anymore u dont know how it feels for your 5 year old grandson ask why someone take his grandfather I pray u dont have to go through what we are going through cause this was a senseless crime

    • Deb Booe

      Shari, I dk you or anyone involved but, I did want to let you know how sorry I am for you & your family’s tragic loss. I have no words that would ease your loss but,please know that I am praying for you & your family to be strengthened by God & that He will pour out His blessings of peace that pass all of man’s understanding. Take care…Deb B, WS NC

  • Julie

    Mrs. Hill & family, I am so sorry for your loss. To hear y’all describe him, he sounds like he was a wonderful man. I am terribly sorry for your loss. May he rest in peace.

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