Dad lets 6-year-old son drive Harley at high speed

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A father recently posted a video that shows him letting his 6-year-old take control of his Harley-Davidson motorcycle at a high speed while they were out riding together.

As the one-minute video begins, the boy is in the front seat with Hughes behind him as they cruise on a road somewhere in Colorado.

A video camera mounted on Hughes helmet captures the moment where Hughes gestures to his son to grab the handle bar.

Reactions to the video have been mixed, with many motorcycle enthusiasts applauding the father while others are condemning him. As several people noted, motorcycles steer by weight transfer at road speed and the father may have his foot over the rear brake.

What’s your take? Cool dad? Or is this a bad idea?


  • WeBuiltThisCountry

    Where’s all the “bad parenting” comments like when the Spanish kid was calling his mother Linda?

  • Kms

    The child I’m sure had experience at riding or the father wouldn’t have let him. It’s not uncommon for boys to ride dirt bikes, mini bikes, at very young ages. I personally wouldn’t let him but that’s just my opinion. I won’t judge the father it’s not my place to.

    • Jaime Stegman

      i just wanted to comment that i have a 6 yr old girl who has a dirt bike, 2 go-carts, and a golf cart that she drives by herself… i guess when u live in the country ur whole life and is raised around it, u dont see anything wrong with it…. my daughter drives my dads and brothers harleys with them sitting behind it…. i wanted to tell u tho that i liked ur comment… ur right, i would never of let my child on it unless she had some experience or was taught right…. but she a country girl too…

  • Jaime Stegman

    i grew up in the country my whole life… i have been riding motorcycles, 4-wheelers, snowmobiles, tractors, dirt bikes, etc… since i was 5…. my daddy taught me and my brothers’ how to ride and drive…. my 6 yr old now can drive a motorcycle and ride a go cart or dirt bike by herself…. people make too big of a deal now a days about stuff…. but i am 36 and have grown up around it my whole life…my dad and brother let my daughter sit in front of them and they let her drive…. people need to worry about more important things instead of a dad on a motorcycle with his son in front of him driving… just an opinion from a country girl who lets her daughter do it

  • rex leviner

    best dad ever in my books.. not like he got off an let him ride himself.. ppl need to lightn up an enjoy life.. that kid is probally the happiest kid ever cause of tht

    • Jaime Stegman

      i agree with u….people need to lighten up… my daughter has everything and anything that she can drive and is big enuff too…. i grew up… rode my first motorcycle at 5…. learned how to ride in our field before i was allowed on the road with it…. the little boy probably wants a motorcycle of his own

  • Shaun Williams

    It was a 3 wheel bike u can tell by the way his dad sits back so the only danger was if the kid lost control but I’m sry to say a father should be allowed to teach his son.

  • WeBuiltThisCountry

    It doesn’t matter if live in NYC or Mississippi… dangerous situations are everywhere! This so called “dad” should be charged with “child endangerment!”

  • Chris

    I ride and have done this with my son and daughter. Now they both ride. Both starting riding dirt bikes at young ages so why not let them get the feel of a big bike before cutting them loose on their own.

  • Mark

    My dad did this with me when I was small. Now all my kids ride, too. We are not scared to live life even though the road is loaded with distracted drivers.

  • Mark

    See nothing wrong here. Even though the kid had the handlebars, the father can still manuever the bike. Besides, the road was straight and I’m sure the speed wasn’t that high. Also agree that kids that age can be fairly adept at riding dirt bikes. Live and let live people.

  • Joe

    Actually, motorcycles DO NOT steer by weight transfer, that is a myth. A well known road racing enthusiast/racing school installed a set of dummy handle bars on a motorcycle. No matter how hard they tried, or how far they got off the bike; it would only veer a little too one way or another. But being add they were on a Harley, typically the rake makes the bikes harder to turn. Chances are the 6 year old isn’t strong enough to make a drastic change to the bike trajectory. Either way, the dad should know his child and if he trusts his son then so shall I.

  • Frank Rudd

    My dad had me on his Harley at 6 months old and I put both of my boys on my Harley at 6 months of age and my grand daughter has been riding since she was 2 years old and we all love to ride and have bikes don’t see a problem with it. Looked to me like the kid was having a blast ! If more dads did things like that with there kids mAybe there would be less kids in trouble with the law!!!

  • llw

    The father is showing interest in his son and evidentially has trained him well. Imagine how many little boys that would love to have this opportunity but have no father. Enjoy life with your children any way you can, the situation looked very much in control.

  • luckey

    I say this I have no leggs a

    and and 1 arm u know I see nothing wrong at least his dad not letting him get into gangs trouble and robbing or just shooting people for fun I’m shure by the time he older he will have a job or probley own his own shop an bike let the dad be r world has more problem to worry about your

  • luckey

    I say this I have no leggs an I wish I could ride

    and and 1 arm u know I see nothing wrong at least his dad not letting him get into gangs trouble and robbing or just shooting people for fun I’m shure by the time he older he will have a job or probley own his own shop an bike let the dad be r world has more problem to worry about your

  • David

    I have been riding motorcycles my entire life,since I was old enough to sit on my uncles Harley police bike that he patrolled on.My children have rode the same,all there life,As for the ones who are saying bad parenting,,,get a life,,,,we have one,and you do not see us who live complaining about anything you do,we have better things to do.And to the father,,,,,keep the rubber on the road bro

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