Teen arrested after tweeting apparent terror threat to American Airlines

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A 14-year-old Dutch girl that tweeted a terrorist threat to American Airlines was arrested in Rotterdam, Netherlands on Monday, police have confirmed.

The user started backtracking on Sunday after she apparently tweeted the terrorist threat.

The user – who identified herself as a 14-year-old named Sarah in her now-suspended Twitter account @QueenDemetriax_ – apparently sent a tweet to American Airlines that read:

“Hello, my name is Ibrahim and I am from Afghanistan. I am part of Al Qaeda and on June 1 I am gonna do something really big bye.”

American Airlines publicly responded:

“Sarah, we take these threats very seriously. Your IP address and details will be forwarded to security and the FBI.”

@QueenDemetriax_ then changed her public name to demetria and tweeted several times since American Airlines responded publicly to her “threat.”

The airline later deleted its response to @QueenDemetriax_and issued a statement:

“At American, the safety of our passengers and crew is our number one priority,” American said in a statement. “We take security matters very seriously and work with authorities on a case by case basis.”

American Airlines said the tweet was removed “after it had been addressed in order to be able to focus on our customers.”

The FBI has not commented on the tweet.

Here are a series of tweets the user sent from the now suspended Twitter account:







  • Katelynn

    WOW… Seems to me as if arresting was the correct to go… I’m not fully convinced this was actually a silly 14 year old girl… I’m sure there is much more behind this… And her racial slurs were not cool either…

  • Ryan KeLler

    Do whats right as far as punishment. Perhaps she can speak to others of her generation. The fact that she did this may be a direct result of desensitization when it comes to how serious these things are. For the generation coming up we may have achieved a point were they can no longer distinguish between the real and fantasy. That somehow POP culture has become the dominant influence. I know what I am saying is general. We are all taught what is right and wrong and get it. But today it seems one can point to many situations were doing wrong has hardly or no undesired consequence. They see this and except it as the norm.
    For an example. As a modern Human I never can understand how we were able to do certain things in the past. Take the Romans and many others who’s citizens would gather by the thousands to watch Men Kill each other. This Was Entertainment. What? That is just sick. But they did it.
    I have No solution Nor have the authority to give advice. This was just a short observational Opinion.

    Oh and people, stop giving the “Idiots” A rebuttal. There is no need or gain to be gotten from it.

  • Dylan

    I don’t know how things work where she lives but i think putting her on probation for a year from the internet would be a good way to deal with this, she did something stupid on the internet then she can live without it for a little bit.

  • Harley Chapin

    YES, so she is a 14 yr old girl; YES she did send a threat; after the “threat” she tried to change her name and then started tweeting for a lawyer, this shows she knew what she did was wrong and YES her parents should be held accountable for not monitoring what their teen was doing online; AA did the right thing for one they had no way of knowing if it was a threat threat or not, they had no way of knowing if her account had been hacked or not; they acted appropriately in the protecting of their passengers- example. If I had of tweeted this to any of you Na Sayers but put it that I was coming to your house on a certain date and for you to be ready for something BIG – you’d have the police watching, have your friends come over or have your gun ready; this was a threat and she knew it was wrong; I say yes she does need court, her parents need to be held accountable, maybe a few days in jail and a year or 2 from the internet will be sufficient. this is why anyone under the age of 16 isn’t responsible enough to conduct themselves online.

  • Keith

    The IRA (Irish Replublican Army) used to contact British police forces stating a date and location of a bomb in the UK.
    This should be considered as a very real threat, even if it is only meant as a joke.

    In the UK we follow a simple saying “Better safe than sorry”.

  • Denise


  • Kera Hoagland

    for all the articles stating they still dont have your motive: Here it is from a former teenage girl, shes flipping 14 and a spoiled brat raised in a country where women are rewarded for reproducing he motive is shes a idiot spoiled brat with way to much free time. she wanted her 15 minutes of fame and tried to impress some school mates who probably dont think shes as cool as she intended herself to look. give her the scare of her life slap her on the wrist make her publicly apologize and get on with life. as for the malaysian plane. the last comment was funny and true. as big as our oceans are you dont just loose a giant jet propelled plan carrying human beings i thought his joke was funny being it is pretty ridiculous how much precious time you big old humanitarian supporters spend debating it like if your actually concerned go help and be a good humanitarian and start searching the oceans yourself cause if you cant find a plane in a month you may as well gtfo and go on to the next fish that isnt our place to fry up. teenage girls are stupid instead of tweeting and internet commenting one parents mistake in child rasing do us all a favor and go watch your own kids like a hawk so no more idiots in society get reproduced improperly (that wont happen by texting or tweeting orders from your living room recliner at them either) other than that case flippin closed.

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