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North Carolina mother accused of faking son’s death

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MADISON COUNTY, N.C. – A North Carolina mother is accused of faking her son’s death for money, falsely telling people he was killed in a wreck.

WLOS reported that Donnie Hjeresa faces two counts of obtaining money by false pretense.

The suspect is accused of telling coworkers at Blue Ridge Group Homes that her son died in a car crash in Florida.

Officials said her story sparked a fundraising effort, including a spaghetti lunch. After hundreds of dollars raised, Sheriff Buddy Harwood said it became clear her son is not dead.

"Pretty low to say your sons been killed and your ex-husband is in a coma, that's sorry individual," said Sheriff Buddy Harwood.

The department said it received complaints that helped untangle a web of lies.

The suspect has lied about her sons before to collect cash, according to detectives.

Hjeresa is being held under a $15,000 unsecured bond.

Source: WLOS


  • Jameson

    yep just like people that claim to be christians and go to church, but yet they want to sit in judgment of every other person that makes a mistake or doesn’t live how they think they should, People need to mind their own business, if someone does something wrong, try to help them anstead of judging them, yu don’t know how they live or the life they’ve had, If you go to church, try living by the good book instead of just saying you do and doing the opposite

  • Terri

    If you know a person has said their CHILD was dead to collect money for themselves, they deserve to be prosecuted and ridiculed. I hope she spends a lot of time in jail for this, especially since she has a habit of faking tragedy for monetary benefit. Jameson, you obviously sit in judgement of anyone who thinks she is a selfish, evil, criminal.

  • Diane

    This woman should be made to pay back all the money that she falsely took from everyone who were kind enough to help this liar. FaithC , I have noticed that you like to make stupid comments about tragedies that happen to various people. Are you seeking attention? Are you lonely and sad and need someone to talk to? Maybe a counselor? I find your comments disgusting. You got my attention. Good luck to you in finding whatever it is you need.

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