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Kids react to a Walkman, make everyone feel old

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  • Dave

    This doesn’t make me feel old, it just makes me think these kids have become stupid from their reliance on technology. When I was a kid, cassettes were the mainstream form of media, but I still knew what an 8 track, phonograph and reel to reel were and how they were operated. My entire phone list was in my head. I not dissing new technology, but you have to admit that it is making the newer generations mentally lazy.

    • Sam

      Yeah, I totally agree. These kids should be studying outdated technology just to please their bitter elders. How could they be so ignorant? Quite disgusting really!

      How ridiculously stupid are you? there is no use in these kids knowing what a fucking cassette or cassette player is, they are ancient history in terms of modern technology, and you’re probably just as outdated as your beloved obsolete media.

      You people make me sick.

      • Brenda

        Wow guy, way to be unnecessarily crude.
        And “no point”? How about knowing where the current technology comes from? Didn’t you ever learn about older tech to see the development and where it can go from now?
        The printing press, telegraph, light bulbs, old tube tvs, etc. There’s always something to learn from history.

    • CDR

      You have to feel a bit sorry for these kids. False maturity actually makes their cluelessness so much more apparent.

    • Tee Zackem

      Yeah totally right?

      I mean back then people actually hunted for their food you know, not just give some paper and get food in return. We should totally hunt our food and not get any lazier.

      Telephone? Give me a break. Communicating with someone over long distances used to be very sincere, you know, a face-to-face thing. People actually had to ride horses or walk for days to being able to sit down and talk.

      Technology is not making us lazier, it should only free up more of our trivial labor so that we spend it on more useful stuffs like inventing, exploring, contributing to society. Unfortunately the consumerist system we have today is misusing and abusing technology when we can actually have a better, improved civilisation.

      Check out Natural Law Resource Based Economy, The Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement on how we should REALLY use our technology.

  • Taylor

    They are not stupid, a tad silly because they are kids but they have never seen it before cassettes were long gone before most if not all of them were born. So quit with the rude comments.

  • ijal

    …forgot to show the ball pen used to spin-rewind the tapes. coz you don’t want to waste money buying new batteries.

  • Aizul Johann Bin Zulkifli

    Oh my God, children today are more naive. With today’s technology you can always discover things. Hell i still know how and Mini Disc Works, a Laser Disc, oil records by going out there and finding out in those days. This calls for programmes like ‘How things work’ re-updated. Sigh. My younger brother is more literate than these kids. Maybe wrong set of children. Yea.. maybe it is.

  • Jeff Smith

    You can’t really judge all of today’s children based on these dozen or so kids making a video for the internet. The ones that are outraged by the fact that you have to have headphones to listen to the music are clearly just playing it up…like new iPods and iPhones obviously have speakers but for the first decade or so of iPods you couldn’t listen to any music without headphones either…so I’m not sure how genuine some of them are being.

  • Eugene

    Imagine their kids reacting yuckishly to their iPhone and iPads 20 odd years from now. Kids should learn to respect and appreciate things develop to where it is today. Nothing cute about these kids

  • Snorkler

    The spoon-fed generation. Give something they’re not familiar with and can’t figure anything out. Wonder what they’ve been eating…

  • autofill

    emil : those kid insult walkman, the thing we use 2love long time a go. that hurt our feeling, u still want us feel happy? n

  • Zareen

    ehhh cmon if you are not like them when you were in their age..looking through our grandfather’s stuffs which we “sometimes” know nothing about.

    chenab: spot on!!

  • Allicia

    It makes me feel a little bit old. I am 24, so some of these kids are only 10 years younger than me. It amazes my how quickly technology is changing these days. Some of the kids made really good points and one girl was very intelligent, not to say the others weren’t, but we should all know a bit about history. I actually prefer to have an iPod separate from a phone, specifically for listening to music. I had a walkman and a discman and they were great. New technology is much more portable though, which is great, but it is much easier to lose in a handbag. I’d love to see how they react to the first mobile phone or the first computer.

  • Abolqaz Bin Anuar

    I wonder why people would get upset about this, we were limited in the technology of our time. deal with it. Even today speaking as someone from the walkman era, I would choose the ipod without even thinking

  • Seelen

    They are super duper stupid! There will be no future if we dont learned from the past ! *Sigh* People that were born in 80’s and 90’s are super duper lucky because they witness the revolution of technology my dear kids. Please guide them.

  • Elle

    Why are ppl so sensitive .. they’re just kids .. they don’t mean to be rude, disrespectful, etc.. I grew up in the 80/90s and owned several refreshes of the Sony Walkman/ Diskman. Nothing wrong with a bit of lighthearted entertainment from innocent kids.

  • rfrita

    I feel privileged watching this video. Having grown in the 80/90 where technology changed immensely and faster than any time in history. I don’t blame these kids for not recognizing some of the older technology, how would that be useful for them? The point is that I feel that having grown up during a time where technology evolved so rapidly I’m much able to adapt to newer ones and to better learn how new things may work. Also I think that in terms of creativity there was much more room for it in the 80’s, where many of the things “only imaginable” were actually attained. Now I feel that there is a lag in new technology, sure you are always expecting the new version of the iphone, etc but I haven’t seen much innovation in a while…..

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