3 dead after shooting at Kansas City-area Jewish center

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Sunday's scene at the Jewish Community Center in Overland Park after a deadly shooting. (FOX 4 Kansas City)

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Three people were killed Sunday in shootings at two Jewish facilities near Kansas City, police said.

WDAF reported that the shootings occurred at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City in Overland Park, Kansas, and at the Village Shalom Retirement Community in Leawood, Kansas.

One person is in custody, Overland Park Police said in a statement posted on the department’s Facebook page. Authorities are scheduled to release more information at a news conference Sunday evening.

The FBI is at the scene working with local authorities investigating the shootings, FBI spokesman Joel Sealer said.

Rabbi Herbert Mandl, a chaplain for the Overland Park Police Department, said the victims included a teenager and an elderly woman.

The shootings, which occurred the night before Passover begins, sound “very much like a hate crime,” he said.

“The timing is terrible. The timing is awful,” Mandl said. “From what I understand from my contacts, this is a one-person event, and this is hopefully under control now.”

One shooting occurred in the community center’s parking lot, the center said in a Facebook post.

At the time of the shooting, auditions for a dance competition and dance recitals were being held at the community center, CNN affiliate KSHB reported.

“This was a community center full of young teens, and they were on lockdown after the shots started. Some of these kids were taken into locker rooms and told to lay on the floor as the shots rang out,” KSHB reporter Lisa Benson told CNN.

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  • Vasu Murti

    My own experience as a Hindu vegetarian and as an animal advocate is that Christians are incredibly anti-semitic. Adolf Hitler thought Albert Einstein’s scientific discoveries were mere “Jewish science” and thus not applicable to gentiles. This is the mentality of meat-eating Christians towards vegetarianism, which they regard as a sectarian (like circumcision) dietary restriction (like “keeping kosher”) rather than as a universal ethic for all mankind (like abstaining from cannibalism). Meat-eating Christians, relegating animal rights and vegetarianism solely to Judaism are as bigoted as Hitler. There is a sad irony here as many liberals see the abortion issue as sectarian, too: if you’re not born again, you don’t have to be pro-life.

    We don’t hear meat-eating Christians say, “God bless the Jews. They gave the world monotheism. They gave the world Jesus. Albert Einstein’s scientific discoveries revolutionized the world in which we live. And now that we’ve abolished human slavery and emancipated women, it’s time to end animal slavery. Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for ‘entertainment’ insists People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). And the Hebrew Scriptures, which make up half of our own Christian canon, provide a basis for doing that!” At the end of 2007, shortly before moving to Israel, Pete Cohn of Veggie Jews in San Francisco said to me, “PETA’s not Jewish.”

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