Baseball team pranks player into believing pitcher is deaf

Baseball team pranks player into believing pitcher is deaf

A baseball player was pranked by his teammates into believing his pitcher was deaf for an entire month. reported that veteran outfielder Jeff Francoeur was tricked into believing that pitcher Jorge Reyes was deaf. They kept the gag running for weeks.

Watch the elaborate prank in the video above.

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  • Paul

    Nice to know being deaf is funny and a joke. Looks bad on you too, wghp. Not that you care anymore what’s right and wrong. It’s ALL about the mighty viewership numbers, right? Shame on you for sharing this tasteless story.

  • RJ

    Paul, go somewhere and get a grip and a sense of humor too while you are at it. The joke is on how gullible Francoeur is…not being deaf or that is it funny. I mean, really???

  • chucky1992

    I just don’t see this as funny. A video on a prank is normally a video of the prank and that I could have appreciated.

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