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This is why you never park in front of a fire hydrant

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BOSTON — Firefighters had to break the windows of an illegally-parked BMW to gain access to a fire hydrant during an eight-alarm blaze in Boston on Wednesday.

According to WCVB, the car was parked in front of a hydrant when the fire broke out. Firefighters smashed the car’s windows to run a hose through the vehicle.

Firefighters said the vehicle cost firefighters several minutes.

“Instead of that engine being operational in about a minute, minute-and-a-half, it was several minutes before that engine was operational,” said Boston Fire Steve MacDonald.

The owner was given a $100 ticket.

Source: WCVB


  • chucky1992

    I know the driver shouldn’t have parked there but why couldn’t they have run the hose uner or over the car rather than through the windows? I’m not challenging their decision, I’d just like to know why that was not possible.

    • veramoe

      Over the car would have done even more damage to the car and under it would have taken more time. Plus in a possibly deadly situation thinking about what would make the life of the owner of an illegally parked car better was probably the last on their mind :)

      • chucky1992

        I guess I was just looking to see if other firefighters had an opinion on it or knew why they might have chosen to break the windows and feed the hose through. I know that the condition of the car and how the owner felt about it wouldn’t have been considered. I wouldn’t have given it a thought. I just thought for me, and I am not a firefighter, I might have been able to run the hose under the car or over it faster if there was space and the water flow wouldn’t have been restricted rather than having to obtain a tool to break both windows and feed the hose through the car.

        Either way, I know that they didn’t have time to debate it. I was just wondering.

    • tShocks

      Running the hose under the car is probably not feasible due to space constraints from the undercarriage. If that was not the case, it would yield the same problem as running the hose over the car – which is the extreme “bend” it would place in the hose. Hoses like this are designed to move a lot of water, any extreme bends/curves would reduce the overall volume of water than it can move – which creates a myriad of problems in the processes to follow.

    • Curt

      You couldn’t run the hose under the car as the coupling on the hose end was larger in diameter than the ground clearance of the car, it’s not a garden hose…
      They still had to move the car out some to affect the connection to the Hydrant.
      I think a better solution would have been to ram the car with the apparatus and push it out of the way, but that may have damaged the legally parked car on either side of this guy…

  • Joyce Marie

    if you aren’t challenging their decision, then why do you ask?? this is why you don’t park in front of fire hydrants and I bet you wouldn’t ask if it had been your house on fire

    • chucky1992

      I don’t have to argue a point just to ask about the logic behind another person’s logic. I was just curious… so I was not in fact challenging why they did it that way, I was just curious.

    • chucky1992

      And yes, I probably would be asking the same question, perhaps after the fact, as I am an inquisitive person.

    • tShocks

      Thats a pretty defensive response. The general public makes the rules that we all play by – its our job to make sure they understand the decision scheme. Locking up and saying “if you don’t know…then don’t ask” just creates more administrative problems down the road for agencies that are doing their best to get the job done.

  • Capt681

    They ran the hose that way because by running it around the car would have causeg the hose to kink, causing a loss in water pressure and the hose is a 5″ supply hose that would not have fit under the car.

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