Second investigation opened in body found in storage container in Alamance Co.

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UPDATE 10:55 p.m. -- Police have opened a second investigation at a home on Washington Street in Burlington in connection with a woman found dead in a storage container earlier today.

According to police, as of 10:45 p.m. officers are waiting on a search warrant to enter a home at 1039 Washington St., where they believe the deceased woman may have lived.

Officers previously responded to the home around noon on Friday to investigate a suspected arson after a small fire broke out.

Police say the woman found in the container fit the description of a woman who lived in the house on on Washington Street with an unknown number of other women.

No further information is available.

Original story

ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C. -- A "suspicious object" found in a roadway just south of Graham contained a partially decomposed female body, according to the Alamance County Sheriff's Office.

According to a press release, a Department of Transportation maintenance worker found an "object" around 9 a.m. Friday on Bellemont-Mount Hermon Road near the intersection of Southern High School Road.

The "object" contained a partially decomposed woman with short brownish hair, approximately 5'0" to 5'2" and 125 pounds.

There was no identification on the body.

The body was fully clothed in blue pants and a grey sweatshirt. Two tattoos were found on the body including an eagle with an open wing span on her chest and a cross with a half moon and an inscription of "Mom" on her left upper arm.

Officers say there was no visible signs of blunt force trauma or other wounds.

The body has been transported to the Medical Examiner's Office in Chapel Hill for an autopsy.

Alamance County currently has no active reports of missing persons fitting this description, but an alert was sent to surrounding agencies.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Alamance County Sheriff's Office at 336-229-6300 or Crime Stoppers at 336-227-7100.


    • Anna

      This is one of my best friends you people are talking about! For the love of Mercy please stop making outlandish remarks as to what happened to her. She was a little woman with a Big Heart! All I have to say is Hope your Happy now Angela you cant take anything else from her! She is now in heaven with her Momma. It is an outrage that you discarded her like garbage. But much worse we take our Garbage to the dump you literally kicked her to the curb this time now you don’t have to worry about locking her out huh? I hope you are ashamed of your pathetic actions this time. There are no drugs in this world worth doing another human being in this fashion I do hope Justices Reins on
      your soul!

      • Sheilah

        Thank you so much for support of Dee. She was my best friends sister and I have known her since she was 6. I hope the police can get their investigation wrapped up so that we can see justice for her and her family. It sounds like you have a lot of information; perhaps (if you haven’t already) maybe you could speak to the police…Her father and sister are devastated by this; as are many of her friends and family. Any help you can offer would be great.

  • kristi

    There may be no signs of wounds etc. but she did not put herself in a box so some killer is out there somewhere.

    • Emma

      Ok first off, the body was chopped up and stuffed into a blue container, then taped shut. How could you possibly chop yourself up, throw yourself into a container, and then tape it from the inside? It’s impossible!¡! She would’ve needed someone to help her, (which i doubt since thats suicidal, but she couldve had a reason) or someone(s) did it to her. And at the time, there is no certain cause of death, so for all we know, she couldve died before being chopped up. (i also doubt this, but it’s just a thought) I seriosly believe that someone has done this to her, and i would really like to find out who and why and get them where they belong.

    • Shelley Pressley Garis

      @Emma, nowhere in the story does it say her body was “chopped up”. People need to stop adding details that are not there. It causes a great deal of confusion and adds drama to an already traumatic story. Regardless of this woman’s history, whatever it may be, she was a real person. It’s easy to cast stones and make light of a situation when you have no personal connection to it. She was a victim of a heinous crime and we should all be sensitive to the families involved.

  • Frances

    Sad that someone is just treated like trash tossed away . Someone’s daughter, sister, mother, friend all the saddness for them is to come. Now another murderer is running loss. I hope not to stick again. I pray they are found soon and taking off street. I would like to know why this happened to her..

  • Amanda

    Wow my stepdad drove by that container this morning on the way to take my sister to school and never could of imagined that was in there! Sad…very close to our home as well.

  • Tammy

    I myself drove by the container on way to take my kids to school! It makes me sick to know we have to worry about this in southern alamance. I pray for the family and kids. And hope they find this sick person ASAP and put them away behind bars where they belong….

  • Makaela

    this was right down the road from my school im scared to go back to school i hope they find tht creep so he can be put behind bars for god

  • Donna Ridge Ingle

    Did some of you even read the story? “There were no visible signs of blunt force trauma or other wounds”. READ THE STORY, and stop making snide remarks about other opinions! When my family was in the news a little over a year ago with 2 tragic deaths, I got so sick of seeing stupid comments. Please know the families read these comments, and you do no good by creating more grief. Grow up.

  • Jessica Owens

    Well it’s really sad that someone is just treated like trash tossed away . Someone’s daughter, sister, mother, friend all the saddness for them is to come. Now another murderer is running loss. I hope not to stick again. I pray they are found soon and taking off street. I would like to know why this happened to her..

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  • rskinzluva

    Sometimes getting search warrant is needed. In this, and similar cases, I say do what is needed and dare a judge to dismiss all the evidence gathered to convict her killer(s).

  • Sheilah

    Shelley Pressley Garis…Thank you for your compassion. I know the woman who was found in that container. I have known her and her family (who is from New York) for 35 years. The woman had a name and it was DEE!! She was a very loving human being and she did have family and friends that are in total disbelief and dismay that this happened. Please people, until you have the facts, offer your condolences but DO NOT SPECULATE as to what happened, or who committed what crime. Allow the family and friends of this victim to grieve without extra added BS. and allow the police to conduct their investigation the proper way.

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