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Greensboro looking for help with abandoned homes

GREENSBORO, N.C. – Applications are now being accepted by the city of Greensboro for private contractors to help with its nuisance abatement program.

Every year, the city handled calls, emails and online complaints for about 1,000 homes that abandoned or have unkempt yards.

“We open this opportunity to all small businesses in the area to help us abate these properties,” said Beth Benton a compliance coordinator with the city’s Neighborhood Development department.

Applicants are asked to ensure they have an active privilege license, general liability insurance of $1,000,000 and provide three references.

Sometimes that work can have a long lasting impact in the community. In the Glenwood neighborhood, the 900 block of Gregory Street is home to several homes on nuisance list. A few years ago those abandoned homes would draw people looking for somewhere discreet to buy, sell and use drugs.

Those abandoned homes also drew the interest of homeless men and women in the area.

“There were so many abandoned homes around here and you would have a lot of people come in and sleep and squat” said Ronald DeBose, a clerk at CT Mart on Gregory.

“They definitely have cleaned the area up,” said DeBose.

DeBose also gives credit to the Greensboro Police Department but admits boarding up the homes on Gregory has kept people out.

Businesses have until May 16 to sign up for contract work. Interested parties can apply online or by phone by calling 373-2111.


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