Yale threatened to suspend 92-pound student for being ‘too thin’

Twitter: @160chan

Twitter: @160chan

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — A student at Yale University claims she has been stuffing her face with ice cream and Cheetos after doctors at Yale’s health center allegedly told her she was too thin and needed to gain weight, according to the New Haven Register.

Frances Chan, a 20-year-old history major, said she has been fighting with the university for months over her weight. She said Yale threatened to force her to leave school if she did not gain enough pounds.

At 5’2”, Chan weighs 92 pound, but she says she’s always been skinny.

“It felt really bad to be this powerless,” Chan told the New Haven Register. “I ate ice cream twice a day. I ate cookies. I used elevators instead of walking up stairs. But I don’t really gain any weight.”

When Chan went to Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven, she found a breast lump. The lump was benign but the visit ultimately led to a follow-up appointment where doctors told her she needed to gain weight.

Chan underwent weekly mandatory weigh-ins and met with a nutritionist and a mental health professional to determine if she had an eating disorder. Chan said one doctor told her that her low weight could eventually kill her.

Chan only managed to gain two pounds between September and April. Chan wrote an essay in the Huffington Post, in which she detailed her struggle with the Yale health center.

Chan said has since switched physicians, and her parents have met with Yale health officials.

Yale spokesman Tom Conroy told the New Haven Register the university could not discuss the individual medical treatment of its students.  However, he said: “Yale has a strong system of mental health care for students.”

Source: New Haven Register


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