Yale threatened to suspend 92-pound student for being ‘too thin’

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NEW HAVEN, Conn. — A student at Yale University claims she has been stuffing her face with ice cream and Cheetos after doctors at Yale’s health center allegedly told her she was too thin and needed to gain weight, according to the New Haven Register.

Frances Chan, a 20-year-old history major, said she has been fighting with the university for months over her weight. She said Yale threatened to force her to leave school if she did not gain enough pounds.

At 5’2”, Chan weighs 92 pound, but she says she’s always been skinny.

“It felt really bad to be this powerless,” Chan told the New Haven Register. “I ate ice cream twice a day. I ate cookies. I used elevators instead of walking up stairs. But I don’t really gain any weight.”

When Chan went to Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven, she found a breast lump. The lump was benign but the visit ultimately led to a follow-up appointment where doctors told her she needed to gain weight.

Chan underwent weekly mandatory weigh-ins and met with a nutritionist and a mental health professional to determine if she had an eating disorder. Chan said one doctor told her that her low weight could eventually kill her.

Chan only managed to gain two pounds between September and April. Chan wrote an essay in the Huffington Post, in which she detailed her struggle with the Yale health center.

Chan said has since switched physicians, and her parents have met with Yale health officials.

Yale spokesman Tom Conroy told the New Haven Register the university could not discuss the individual medical treatment of its students.  However, he said: “Yale has a strong system of mental health care for students.”

Source: New Haven Register


  • Bruce Phillips

    Iif she not sick, she should contact her lawyer. The obese mob can’t handle someone who is healthy and tthin. Being thin isn’t a crime. My question is how are all the huge nurses allowed to represent the hospitals being so over weight. That’s sending a good message!

    • Diane Purcell

      I agree! My own daughter is about the same weight at 20yrs old. She has ALWAYS been thin and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been scrutinized as a mother for having such a slight child. The damage done to a person’s self-esteem when ridiculed or judged for their weight – too small as WELL as too heavy, can be far-reaching and long lasting. If this happened to her, you can bet we’d get a lawyer in a heartbeat! Ridiculous! To be concerned about a students health is one thing – to do THIS is unacceptable! I wish her the best of luck!

    • Kandylynn

      “‘I agree with you completely. She’s only 5’2” tall so 92 lbs is skinny but I dont think it’s dangerously skinny. If she is truly healthy & does not have an eating disorder–she really should hire a lawyer!

  • Will Grant

    Exactly…if Yale was goiing to kick her out for being a tub or lard, the hue and cry would be deafening.

  • Mandi Odom

    well if you lived in ga being small is no concern cause my daughter is 15 and very small but the doctor says she fine she just has a high mabolism and me and her dad are heavy people just saying i would see what could be done about them judgeing you

  • Catherine Carver

    How is her weight hurting the “image” Yale wishes to have. I weighed 92 when my first child was born and I was not thrown out of the hospital. What’s next? If you’re deformed in some way you can’t go to Yale?

  • Marion

    I think she or someone created this story because it is false. She is UNDERWEIGHT according to her BMI. I am sure if someone was being treated that was overweight, they would tell that person that they should loss some weight. In no way, would Yale say they would suspend her. That is a LIE

  • sally


  • Yale Grad

    Look at all her picutes! She clearly is someone that love attention. This university would never tell a student that they will suspend then becuase of their weight.

  • Laura Miller

    Quite honestly, as a parent with a daughter who has an eating disorder I APPLAUD the school for taking notice. Of course, it is clear that they needed to check her past medical history. BUT- look at this way: what IF she had an eating disorder and was dangerously ill? Wouldn’t she and her family want someone to notice? Given that she is likely not close to home – it is possible they were concerned and for her health!

    I think there’s so much pressure on girls to be thin and it can weigh on girls who are stressed and away at college. She needs to get a thicker skin and move on – be grateful they cared enough to notice her…she could have provided them with medical records long ago and moved on.

    • Dylan

      she is definitely not too skinny. asians are just naturally lighter than other folks. my older sister, who is 17, is 5’11 and only weighs 110 pounds and she is one of california’s fastest female milers, w/a time of 4:57. and @ laura miller, if stnaford puts pressure on skinny ppl, then they should put the same pressure on fat ppl… some girls are just naturally skinny.

      • Laura Miller

        Not my point. My point is if she had an eating disorder it would have been good that it was discovered. I am talking directly about “concern” vs. “pressure.” It’s all in your interpretation. We all know some people aren’t sickly and are naturally thin. No need to argue here…just my opinion. Another perspective!

  • JD

    This is another example of what fascists want the medical field to be. It is to get leverage on a patient and then use all their assets to basically mind F a patient. Why? Because they are jerks.
    Look at that child who brought their child in for treatment and they gained custody over the kid over a disagreement on treatment.
    Now Yale, is finding an excuse to boot an Asian from their university. Even if she was anorexic. It’s none of their business. You think if some AIDS ridden homo was getting thin, they’d invade their privacy and force them to give up their freedom to beholden to some POS doctors on a power trip.
    Something is always fishy with female Asian Yale students and that university. Remember what happened in 2009 when one was murdered there. I wonder if they got the right guy.

  • Nancy Le

    This is such racist discrimination; I cannot believe this. I weighed 99 at 5’2 when I was in college and I’m not Asian, nor did I have an eating disorder. I ate whatever I wanted and that lasted through my 30’s. My family is Asian and if they were treated this way I would be having a red and purple fit. I absolutely cannot believe this is happening.

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