NC woman accused of attempting to buy Girl Scout cookies with fake money

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SURF CITY, N.C. — A Surf City woman was arrested Monday after police say she tried to buy Girl Scout cookies with fake bills.

Wendy Wilson, 35, is accused of passing three forged $20 bills to the Girl Scouts of America to buy three boxes of cookies, according to the Jacksonville Daily News.

She is charged with three counts of uttering a forged instrument, two counts each of simple possession of a schedule II controlled substance and obtaining property by false pretense and one count of possession of a firearm by a felon.

It was reported that Wilson is also accused of possessing oxycodone, generic suboxone and a Tanfoglio Giuseppe 25 automatic handgun.

Wilson’s bond was set at $16,000.

Source: The Daily News, Jacksonville

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  • B

    I guess the girl scouts set up on the wrong street corner. The scouts were competing against the drug dealer so she tried to buy all of the cookies. It was just a business move and the cookies would be a nice gratuity for the drug dealer’s patrons and herself.

  • Will Grant

    3 $20 bills for only 3 boxes of cookies? I knew the price had gone up over the years, but gosh.

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