Gun buyback program planned for Winston-Salem on Saturday

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – The City of Winston-Salem is holding a second gun buyback as part of an ongoing effort to reduce gun violence in the city.

The buyback will be held at 9 a.m. Saturday at the First Waughtown Baptist Church at 838 Moravia St.

"Everyone has the right to possess a firearm. The people we're after are people that have a gun that they do not have a need for, or do not want to be responsible for," said Assistant Chief Bryan Blakley, Winston-Salem Police Department.

Police say people are instructed to place their weapons in the trunk or truck bed. There is no limit to the number of guns a person can sell.

City officials say people will receive $75 for rifles and shotguns, $100 for handguns, and $150 for assault rifles.

Police will collect the guns, then forensics teams will check each weapon to see if it has been involved in a crime. After a set period of time, police say the gun is either destroyed or turned over to the department's weapons library for training.

The city plans buy $10,000 worth of guns Saturday. No vouchers will be handed out, so the buyback will be over when the cash runs out.


  • Mike

    hahahaha, this is hilarious. what a deal, $150 for “assault rifles”. sure, ill take 1/10th the value of my “assault rifle”. what a joke these programs are.

  • Will Grant

    Fox8 can delete comments but it can’t delete the truth. These programs are a dumb idea, and it is pathetic that you try to promote them as anything other than a plea for attention from grandstanding politicians.

    • Thomas Christopher

      Plus, these programs are an incentive for criminals, burglars, and home-invaders to commit more crimes in order to cash in on some “free money.” This policy is asinine on some many levels, but I have learned to accept such liberal lunacy from our “progressive” leaders in the city of Winston-Salem.

  • Treasure World

    Come to Treasure World Gun and Pawn for a FAIR PRICE!!!!!!!!!! Do not get robbed by the city officials and government..

    823 E Dixie Dr
    Asheboro, NC 27203

    • Donnie

      I hope Eric Holder doesn’t read that comments about the student using a knife. We’ll be nawing at our steaks with no knives. Oh wait, that would be him, I can’t afford a steak.

  • Sniper762mm

    I would encourage people that have a legal firearm that they truly want to get rid of, to contact their local pawn shop or gun shop. They will be happy to match teh WSPD price of $75, $100, $150, or more if the firearms is worth more, and day and every day of the week. I hope some one sets up shop across the street offering $25 more than the WSPD for the legal firearms.

    I have a bunch of junk guns that I use for parts in my gunsmith shop. I could load those up in the back of my truck and get a grand or two for them from the WSPD. That would put a big dent in the cost of a new lathe.

  • amazedatthenews

    Your giving the crooks a reason to break into peoples cars and homes!!! How stupid are y’all????

    • JT

      By that logic, pawn shops existed long before buy-backs, yet you are not up-in-arms about those…Do you think before you write, or is that just too much trouble?

  • amazedatthenews

    I think its time we make some noise and let the “lawmakers” know that this is a stupid program that is endangering more than it helps!!!

  • buyamerican

    H**L YEAH, Lets get them mean ole’ guns off the street. We’ll throw money at them untill we have every last one of those “killing machines” off the streets of Winston Salem. Let’s impose a buy-back tax of at least 20% to fund the cause. Glory Glory…Then crime in the city will be non-existent, no more gangsta’s & thugs. We’ll be able to cut our police force by two thirds resulting in a savings of thousands of dollars in operating cost. All we’ll need is one armed cop with a bullet in his pocket just in case someone sees a snake. Way to go Winston Salem, i cannot think of any better way to utilize $10,000. DOLLARS! Geezzz….you just cant fix stupid!

  • fred

    I don’t know about you but i feel a lot safer now that all the gang members have turned their guns in.
    All guns can be called assault weapons.

  • Adam Z.

    There is a sidewalk (public property) on the other side of the street from the church where this is taking place. Perfect place to stand & try to offer folks more than what the city is offering, without being accused of trespassing. Also, there is a city park directly across the street, which makes parking easy.

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