Gun buyback program planned for Winston-Salem on Saturday

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – The City of Winston-Salem is holding a second gun buyback as part of an ongoing effort to reduce gun violence in the city.

The buyback will be held at 9 a.m. Saturday at the First Waughtown Baptist Church at 838 Moravia St.

“Everyone has the right to possess a firearm. The people we’re after are people that have a gun that they do not have a need for, or do not want to be responsible for,” said Assistant Chief Bryan Blakley, Winston-Salem Police Department.

Police say people are instructed to place their weapons in the trunk or truck bed. There is no limit to the number of guns a person can sell.

City officials say people will receive $75 for rifles and shotguns, $100 for handguns, and $150 for assault rifles.

Police will collect the guns, then forensics teams will check each weapon to see if it has been involved in a crime. After a set period of time, police say the gun is either destroyed or turned over to the department’s weapons library for training.

The city plans buy $10,000 worth of guns Saturday. No vouchers will be handed out, so the buyback will be over when the cash runs out.


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