Danielle Locklear, 15, was killed by boyfriend, according to police

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Danielle Locklear

Police say 15-year-old Danielle Locklear’s ex-boyfriend has confessed to killing the teen and dumping her body in the South River.

WTVD-TV reported that 17-year-old Je’Michael Malloy is charged with second-degree murder. Malloy’s friend, Dominic Lock, has also been charged.

Investigators said Malloy and Locklear got into an argument on March 11, which is the night she was last seen leaving her grandfather’s home in the Fox Meadow subdivision in Hope Mills.

They said the conversation turned violent and Malloy choked Locklear to death and stuffed a sock in her mouth.

Je’Michael Malloy and Dominic Lock

Malloy and a friend, 18-year-old Dominic Lock, then allegedly tossed her body over a bridge on the Cumberland/Sampson County line. Locklear’s body was found with cinder blocks with tied to her body.

Right now, the body, which was found April 3 by an off-duty deputy, has not been positively identified. However, based on conversations, and Malloy’s confession, police said they know it’s her.

Police would not go into details, but a source told ABC11 that Locklear and Malloy went to a popular hang-out along a creek where she was killed.

Authorities said Lock will be charged with conspiracy in Locklear’s death because he helped Malloy dispose of Locklear’s body.

There’s no word yet on any bond for the two teens. Malloy has a first court appearance Wednesday.

Late last week, investigators executed search warrants on two homes, including Malloy’s home, gathering evidence and conducting several interviews.

Police said they received more than 500 tips and leads from the public over the course of the investigation.

In the weeks following Locklear’s disappearance, search parties were organized, missing persons billboards went up across the area, and several agencies joined the investigation, including the FBI.

Source: WTVD-TV


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  • SMH

    Second degree murder??? Are you kidding me??? He confessed! She was found with cinder blocks tied to her body. How is that 2nd degree murder??? So tragic for this family.

    • Rookie

      Completely agree…. This is getting out of control. They need to out these ‘kids’ in their place. There are no consequences to anything… Just entitlement.

    • TommyG

      Because first degree murder is a homicide that is willful and premeditated. Killing someone during an argument is not premeditated.

  • Jack

    Rookie you are an idiot. Never in the course of history has a non-black murdered a spouse or girlfriend! Geeze. Throw yourself off a bridge and make the world a better place.

    • LiberalsLoveAGoodLie

      Everyone and everything kills. But what and whom kills more than others? Averages matter. This is your lesson for today.

      • Tracey

        The average of course is affected by who has the money for a good lier, I mean lawyer. All that glitters is not gold, and all that you hear and read is not truth.

      • Mary

        Get a hobby, just so you know, racism is NOT a hobby. . There’s your lesson for today. Tomorrow, we will talk about compassion. You’re a jerk!


      Not that it matters but considering the last name and location, there’s a good possibility she’s of Lumby descent.

      • Dee Dee

        For Mr. OGBobby Johnson: Now why would you even mention ethnicity or race? Does being “Lumbee” or biracial give him the right to kill her, and even more disgusting is the way he disposed of her body. This boy or punk, needed some serious anger management training. Can you answer that for me? Please, tell me.

      • Dee Dee

        For Mr. OGBobby Johnson: Now why would you even mention ethnicity or race? Does being “Lumbee” or biracial give him the right to kill her, and even more disgusting is the way he disposed of her body. This boy or punk, needed some serious anger management training. Can you answer that for me?

  • HH Cannon


    • TommyG

      We all have our opinions, but that is the way the law is written. The homicide was not premeditated so it is not first degree.

  • MarineDad

    Sad story she was a Beautiful young girl. My Thoughts and Prayers to her Family!! I hope these Animals never see the light of day again!! 2nd degree are you kidding me?

  • Gboro407

    If it was planned it would be first degree , I doubt he planned to argue , he’s clearly charged with what the law found was appropriate ! If he was charged with first degree his lawyer would beat the case bc how can you prove he intended to argue ?

  • B

    What excuse or reasoning is there for reacting in this manner? This was probably an abusive relationship and she was trying to leave him.

  • Shine Bright

    He should be charged with first degree. He stuffed a sock in throat to make sure that she was dead. That was intent.

    • TommyG

      The definition of first degree does not include intent. First degree is willful and premeditated homicide. No lawyer could win the argument that he planned to kill her with a sock.

  • LiberalsLoveAGoodLie

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  • Mary

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    God bless this family in their time of grief. So sad for this family.

  • katsoto

    I think she was alive when he through her in the water ……you don’t put a sock in a dead girls mouth unless she alive still

  • Elaine

    My heart goes out to her family and friends, no matter what her race is she is a human being that life has been cut short , now the family has her body alot of people don’t get that, I pray that they find peace.

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