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4th grade girl not allowed in boy’s basketball tournament

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ARIZONA -- On the basketball court, 10-year-old Jaelyn is a "superstar" player, whether it's with male or female teammates.

Jaelyn plays on a 4th grade boy’s club team because she said the girl's team didn't give her any competition.

Having a girl on a boy’s team hasn't been a problem for the coach, the players or any of the tournaments Frey Basketball Academy plays in.

That is, until a week ago, when she was told she couldn't play in an upcoming tournament.

One of the state’s big tournaments is the upcoming Southwest Salsa Slam, a qualifying tournament for the national championships.

The tournament organizers notified the team that as long as Jaelyn was on the team, they wouldn't be allowed to participate.

Here’s part of the email the team received:

“Girls can not play on boys teams and boys can not play on girls teams. That has been a rule in our tournament for a number of years but has not always been enforced. This year it will strictly be enforced for all teams.”

After a number of parents and Frey complained, the tournament sent another email:

“The intent of the rule is simple; if you allow a 4th grade girl to play on a 4th grade boys team, how do you stop a 6’10″ freshman boy from being allowed to play on a freshman girls team… NM Select will not bend or change our rules.”

Those rules are in line with AAU guidelines, which also prohibit girls from playing on boys.

But Frey said the tournament is not bound by AAU rules and should make an exception for fourth grade teams.

Frey and Jaelyn’s parents plan on fighting the decision in court.

Source: CNN/KRQE


  • PlayaHata

    Girls are not allowed to play the boys tournament….plain and simple. Why run to the news site to get more backlash? She wont play, plain and simple just like they received the response from the organization. Get over it and have her dominate a girls team, enough said.

  • kelseygopack

    We are having an issue similar here in Wake County. Difference is, there isn’t a softball team at our school so there isn’t another option. My daughter plays on the baseball team. The conference bylaws state “girls are prohibited from playing a boy’s sport” and vice versa. We asked for an amendment to state that if there isn’t another option that girls could play a boy’s sport (and vice versa), but the triangle middle school conference denied it.

    • Kimberly Sammons

      My daughter plays baseball also, she has been told that yes she could continue to play, look into baseball for all website you will find all contacts. We are very fortunate my daughter does receive lots of support, she is 12 years of age and plays on 3 baseball leagues but I still hear some comments that she needs to move on to softball, sorry if a girl could compete and dominate in a boys league I think they earn their right to continue playing.

      • thomas bush

        I’ve seen girls that could compete up to 12 years old. Then they could not.

        They boys got stronger and the girls started to develop. Nature takes over.

        The parents knew this would happen. There little girl was the best in a girls league. Maybe they should have kept her there to make the other girls better.

        The parents knew this day was coming. In the long run this hurt the boys team. Know they don’t want to play at all. Ok, tough.

  • Kate

    “Girls can not play on boys teams and boys can not play on girls teams. That has been a rule in our tournament for a number of years but has not always been enforced. This year it will strictly be enforced for all teams.”

    Direct quote from their e-mail. Why this year is it being strickly enforced by wasn’t strickly enforced previously? Is it because this little girl is such a great basketball player? I don’t understand why there is a gender specific team in fourth grade anyway. At all the schools I’ve been to or taught, gender specific doesn’t start until high school usually, sometimes middle school.

    I think it is ridiculous and if they didn’t enforce it in previous years, it shouldn’t be enforced at all.

  • Karen Phillips

    Theses rules are so outdated. We should be so happy that she’s active in sports and not on the couch playing video games. When America’s youth is grossly over weight, kudos to this little firecracker. Change the rules to fit the times. The rules were probably set forth by men who were afraid to be beaten by a girl. Let her play and show the Association that it’s a good thing to tach kids it’s okay to be competitive with eachother not against eachother. Just another discrimination tatic against women!!

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