Tips on fighting underage drinking in the Piedmont

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- Kenneth Thompson with Guilford County Schools says alcohol is a huge temptation for teenagers.

“When you see it, then there's that tendency to experiment with things you see people doing,” he said.

According to a 2009 survey, 72 percent of 12th graders in North Carolina have tried alcohol at least once.

To help teenagers make smart decisions about drinking, Guilford County relies on a program called SMART.

Students Mentoring Awareness Resource Team, or SMART, meet with other students to talk about the dangers of underage drinking.

Guilford County Schools Counselor Kimberly Fields says students are more likely to listen to their friends when it comes to underage drinking.

“A lot of times kids will hear other students a lot faster than someone that's older,” Fields said.

The ABC Commission is also attacking underage drinking. In May, the state agency will begin working with community groups to highlight the dangers of underage drinking and provide parents the help they need to teach kids that alcohol can be dangerous. School counselors like Fields are thrilled that the ABC Commission wants to help.

“The more people can talk about it the better,” she said. “The earlier parents can begin that conversation... saying no is not a one time decision.”


  • Bada$$

    Are you kidding me….kids are going to drink because thats all they see on television and also out in the city. Bars are open all over and run down drunks roam the streets daily. Television is nothing but drunks and showing boozing all the time. I mean look at the simpsons for crying out loud….how old is that show and kids still watch homer drunk all the time. I mean its either they are watching television and drugs and beer or some inappropriate scenes in tv shows that are shown daily. Its 2014 people, wake up and smell the roses and you will not stop your kid from doing anything in the economy and day and age. Drugs and alcohol are everywhere and I do not care what group you attend….your going to party like a rockstar whether you are told not to or told to party it up every weekend.

  • Frank

    HUGE waste of taxpayer resources. For decades and decades these fluff programs have proven to be complete failures. What a joke.

  • FaithC

    Kids don’t listen to their parents, because after all teens think they know it all.

    How many parents are going to have conversations with their teens about underage drinking?

    How about if you are caught underage drinking, you don’t get your license until you are 21, how about if you are caught underage drinking you spend 3 months worth of weekends picking up trash on the side of the roads.
    Maybe kids might think twice about it if they see a few kids have these things happen.

    • Mrperfect

      @FaithC you speak like you’re in your 70’s! Teens are not just drinking, they’re smoking smarties, drinking mouth wash, hand sanitizer to get high just to name a few. Therefore; your comments are useless and dumb as always.

  • MLM

    When you can buy a case of beer for $15.00 ,that not much more than I paid for beer 40 yrs ago. But the price of gas or cig. goes up daily.We need more TAXES on beer and raise the price of beer .If I had my way beer would be 30 to 40 dollars per case and Taxes would be at least 15/20%. That might work.

    • PlayaHata

      You sir are a doofus…raising prices on beer will not prevent teens from drinking. You think teens who used to smoke now avoid smoking because they cannot afford it? I hope your comment was sarcastic because its pretty much the most idiotic post i think I have read in quite awhile.

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