This device can charge your phone in 30 seconds

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We all know the feeling of realizing we forgot to charge our smartphone overnight. But what if you could charge your phone in 30 seconds?

StoreDot, a Tel-Aviv based start-up, has developed a prototype charger that makes charging a much faster task.

StoreDot was born out of the nanotechnology department at Tel Aviv University. Researchers developed a prototype for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and unveiled the gadget at Microsoft’s Think Next conference.

The charger uses microscopic magnets called “nanodots” to enable its game-changing charger.

StoreDot says it plans to make chargers for other smartphones.

The prototype is the size of a laptop charger, but the company says it hopes to reduce the device’s size over the next 12 months.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the estimated cost will be $30 and commercial product could start in 2016.

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